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After years spent working on Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Royal Enfield, our team decided to create a unique motorcycle based on the BMW Heritage range of motorcycles to give character back to these German roadsters.

The NineT BMW revealed in 2014 has the soul of a classic machine, so we did our best to make it feel more authentic by designing a complete line of bolt-on parts for the BMW NineT Standard, Pure, Scrambler, Urban GS and Racer. The creation featured on this page is a unique motorcycle that was used as a prototype to develop our plug & play accessories. This build is very characteristic of our current work. It’s actually a flattering showcase for those parts handcrafted at our workshop in Lyon, France by BAAK Motocyclettes.

Custom BMW NineT by BAAK

Discover this unique build via the video below, shot in the French mountains and at our workshop during the creation process. Learn more about these long months of work sumed up in 14 photos below the video.

By the beginning of summer 2017, the BMW NineT Pure which will be the work base of this project arrived at our workshop. Our designer Etienne quickly started drawing the first sketches to fix the lines of the motorcycle we were about to revisit.

Visual balance, respect of the NineT spirit and classicism were our guidelines for this project.

The stock BMW R NineT Pure at BAAK's

Custom motorcycle sketches

Motorcycle plans and design

3D printing parts prototypes

Once the sketches are turned into 3D files by Jordan, our industrial designer, the prototyping process began. Valve covers, frame lining, shock absorbers brackets, manufacturing tools… Many parts were 3D printed at the workshop before we started manufacturing it with noble material, a crucial stage to validated the design and function of every parts.

Beside the design of the parts, the BMW NineT is entirely disassembled in order to determine the best technical solutions to give authenticity back to this motorcycle. The first metal parts were handcrafted by Victor thanks to aluminium sheets. Exhaust system design and adjustment, wheels radiating, Öhlins fork fitting, battery box manufacturing… All the team is deployed to make the project go on quickly.

Rémi Reguin assembling parts on the NineT

Aluminium seat cowl manufacturing

Silvere Maisonneuve manufacturing leather seat

Leather seat manufacturing by Silvère Maisonneuve

Our leather activity is central for BAAK’s projects, and essential to transform this NineT. We used double tanning (chrome and natural) leather so the part can get patina over the time while keeping an intense leather color. Silvère, BAAK’s upholster, does his best to highlight this machine’s shapes with a classic-ribbed seat with a perfect finish.

Victor and Emmanuel finally manufactured the stainless steel and aluminium body parts that will be assembled on the build. As each part will then be offered for sale via our online boutique, it needs to be well engineered and easy to assemble on any BMW NineT motorcycle. We brought a huge care to the quality of the material we worked with and to the finish level of these parts so it remains in perfect shape over the years.

Victor Tison manufacturing a rear mudguard

Front mudguard shaping

BMW NineT gas tank painting

Final parts assembly on our BMW NineT

Now the global shape of the motorcycle is determined, our team can move to the final finish details. The gas tank gets a cream and black painting which reveals its original shape. Once all the parts got assembled on the motorcycle, we discovered the final look of our BMW NineT for the first time. That’s the result of long months of work for our team.

BMW NineT custom Bobber project

BMW NineT Scrambler