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When Daniel bought his Moto Guzzi V7 III in Austria, he knew he would transform it. He was attached to the retro charm of this motorcycle and started modifying it straight away. –  Build it yourself  I  Episode 3  

Daniel isn’t a professional mechanic, but he had been crafting on his moped 10 years ago and had always been interested in motorcycles. He wanted to buy custom parts and deal with the assembly on his own to complete a unique project: “There’s a lot of online shops for Moto Guzzi parts but none of them is comparable to BAAK. They are not only fast, all parts are stylish. They fit together perfectly and are easy to mount. Especially the leather parts are incredible, everybody looking at my new seat with the lightning pattern is just flashed, it looks perfect. Pretty stoked to get the new exhaust system for the V7 on which these guys are working currently“.

Aware of his un-professional technical skills, Daniel entrusted a mechanic so he can double-check wether the job was properly done once the project is completed. He enjoyed his new ride during the 2018 summer, now the motorcycle will be parked during the winter so he can enjoy the Austrian countryside roads as soon as next spring show up. Ride safe mate!

Moto Guzzi V7 custom scrambler

Through BUILD IT YOURSELF, we offer you the opportunity to have your own motorcycle built with BAAK parts highlighted here. Everyday, motorcycles enthusiasts from all around the world achieve their custom project thanks to the parts designed and manufactured by our team, we had to share their creativity with you on our blog.

You want to have your own custom build featured here ? Send us the photos and story of your project to contribute  

custom weekend project moto guzzi

Moto Guzzi V7 custom tracker by Daniel

Moto Guzzi V7 cylinder head

Leather seat Moto Guzzi V7

Bates headlight with cross tape

Side leather pouch

Original Moto Guzzi V7 handlebar clamps

Leather seat details on Daniel's Moto Guzzi

To achieve his Moto Guzzi V7 III project, Daniel chose the following BAAK parts: