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Many of you are now owners of the new Triumph Street and T120, and wish to custom it with nice accessories. Here are the latest creations we handcrafted for these bikes. 

Everybody agrees on the point that the new Triumph neo-retro range is a real success. However, some accessories smell like plastic and leatherette. Modernized, these Triumph lost a part of their soul in favour of technologic, simple and low cost materials. We wish to give it back its greatness by providing top range accessories, made with noble material.

Selle Triumph T120 Street Twin
selle cuir Triumph T120

Leather saddle for Triumph Street Twin and T120

Handcrafted with a french leather, this saddle brings an additional touch of fineness to these two bikes. The returned leather at the top of the saddle creates a contrast with the rest of the accessory and the gas tank. 3 foam layers of different density create a really comfortable  and flat seat. We offer you to realize this work on a new saddle bottom or on your original Triumph saddle.

Leather saddle for Triumph Thruxton (before 2016)

A slender line, a backrest and a removable saddle cover… You could recognize a Thruxton saddle between thousands. To perfect the line of this motorcycle, we designed this leather saddle that enables you to keep the original saddle cover. It’s available in classic ribbed finish or diamond shaped ribbed finish. We can handcraft it with three different leather colors : black, ebony and aged brown.

Selle Triumph Thruxton
Selle cuir brun Triumph Thruxton
Phare Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin / T120 healight

We selected this headlight as it’s much more flat than the original one, and give a stockier look to these two motorcycles. It’s metal casing, associated with a brushed or chrome finish hooping considerably increases the level of finish of this bike. With a bit of tools, you can adapt the original optic in this headlight casing so you can keep the original Triumph logo bulb cover.

casque jet davida baak

Davida jet helmet by BAAK

Davida helmets have been tested and approved by BAAK team, and we propose you this exclusive version. Handmade in England, these are the only jet helmets to provide such a great maintain and sound-proofing, very enjoyable for us who ride on bikes without wind protection.

retroviseur sous guidon noir

Under the handlebar mini mirror

In France, the left mirror is obligatory, and sign of security. This accessory is much more discreet than the original mirrors, and gives a good rear visibility. Especially designed to be mounted in lower position, it comes with 3 adaptors so you can mount it on any handlebar. It’s available in black only.