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By the beginning of this year 2019, BAAK introduces his clothing line and features two models of t-shirts. Don’t wait anymore and learn more about these.

This clothing collection is mixed, imagined like the customization of a motorcycle. A unique wardrobe for Him and for Her, but worn differently using a lapel or and accessory. Like our builds, BAAK shirts provide a purified line, with carefully selected material and a huge care brought to details. A casual chic look, the good way to remain true to what you are, wether you have handlebars in your hands or not. The model WELCOME BAAK is the first basic of the collection, more colors will be introduced in the coming months. The BAAK POCKET is offered in two models : The Moto Guzzi V7 one and the BMW NineT one with silk-screen printed patterns on the back.

In the coming months, some new clothing models will be revealed : shirts, jackets, accessories…


Our t-shirts are manufactured in Portugal, 100% made out of bio cotton. Here are some care tips so your t-shirts remain in perfect shape over the years: Washing, drying and ironing inside-out. Don’t dry-clean your tee-shirt!

The logos on the chest are embroidered. The pattern on the back is silk-screen printed. Our models WELCOME BAAK and BAAK POCKET are already available for sale in limited quantities, and offer a contemporary slim cut.

Sizing guide of BAAK t-shirt

T-shirt BAAK Pocket Moto Guzzi

Lionel with BAAK pocket BMW T-shirt

Welcome BAAK t-shirt grey cotton

T-shirt Welcome BAAK ivory on Tatiana

T-shirt Welcome BAAK marine blue

Tatiana and Lionel with BAAK shirts

T-shirt Welcome BAAK grey worn by Tatiana