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Triumph Bonneville T120 BathTub BAAK

Triumph T120 Bathtub, the story of a revival

Discover each step of the building of BAAK’s masterpiece.
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La Triumph T120 Dandy Bonnie de Stephan

Classicism and sobriety for this Triumph Dandy Bonnie

The timeless charm of this Triumph Bonneville T120 Dandy Bonnie enters Stephan’s garage.
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Triumph Bonneville T100 LaMachine

Arnaud’s Triumph Bonneville T100 LA MACHINE

A first machines that mixes style and pure riding feelings.
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Triumph Scrambler custom par l'atelier BAAK

One Scrambler to ride through the Burgundy’s vineyard

Charles now enjoys a unique ride to enjoy two-wheels pleasure.
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Les t-shirts de l'atelier BAAK

Wardrobe – Our first creations

Let’s discover the basic pieces of our clothing collection.
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La Triumph Bonneville T120 Rambler réalisée par BAAK à Lyon

The Triumph Bonneville T120 Rambler by BAAK

A wonderful gift from Isabelle to her partner in life.
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