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2 November 2020

Has Arnaud chosen the perfect ride for Corsica Island ?

The Triumph Bonneville isn’t suitable for every terrain. One of them is harsher than others in our country : Corsica ! This is what forced the encounter between Arnaud and our team.

It’s on the “Île de beauté” that Arnaud chose to establish his second residence. To enjoy the charms of this Mediterranean jewel, you often ride miles and miles, with a strong feeling that short distances turn into long travel hours on twisting roads.

Last year, Arnaud chose to acquire an old-generation air-cooled Triumph Bonneville T100 EFI, entirely stock. He shortly reach her limits : low handling, neutral look, lack of off-road capacities… After a few researchs, he discovered our work and our Rambler model. The charm worked and a few months later, his Triumph found her place on the bench N°3 at our Lyon’s workshop.

Knowing the damages Corsica roads can cause to our motorcycles, we focused one making a perfectly Corsica-friendly ride for Arnaud. The original handlebars is replaced by our BAAK N°1 model, wider and more pleasant to have fun on hairpin curves. The weight got reduced, beginning by the original exhaust replaced by our short Bobber model. The Dunlop Trailmax tires chosen provide a good comfort and off road capacities, especially mounted on 19′ front wheels. The adjustable shock absorbers were replaced along with the fork springs to improve the handling. An aluminium sump guard becomes the warranty of the low-engine survival in cas Arnaud gets a little eccentric on the throttle. The feeling and power of the braking system is improved thanks to Beringer brake discs and Brembo pads.

You can find on this motorcycle the aesthetic codes that made our workshop famous : a shortened seat, which was manufactured out of a leather that will get patina over the years, just like the fork gaiters and side saddlebag. A minimalistic riding post, with the speedometer re-located inside a Bates headlight casing. A simple black painting to highlight the classic shapes of the gas tank, pulled up by aluminium BAAK labels. Finally, some “racing” touches, with a Monza gas tank cap and a side number panel on the left.

Our team is just back from a road trip to Corsica during which we re-discovered the island and her secrets. Sure we’ll include this road trip in one of our BAAK Aventure trips.