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23 December 2021

BUILT IT YOURSELF – Kévin’s Moto Guzzi V7 III

When a Kevin from Lille, a huge DC Comics and Star Wars started his project of Black Tracker, he thought choosing a Moto Guzzi V7 was a solid start. It turns he was right!
For him now, the only way to move around in Lille is using his « Dark Guzzi ».

A project making sens

Kevin has long lasting relationship with bikes, he started riding a Honda XR70 when he was only 12 years old. After more than 10 years as Marketing Director for a big corporation, Kevin wanted to get out of his comfort zone and decided to embrace the blue collar life by becoming a mechanic. With that new life arose a desire for a bike with good abilities all around and a timeless style, the appeal of a V Twin seduced Kevin so he acquired a Moto Guzzi, ordered BAAK parts and the « Dark Guzzi » project started.

Master of his choice

Once the parts were received, the customization work could start! The goal was to create a timeless look while retaining on and (mellow) off road capabilities. To do so Kevin decided to work first on the cockpit and handling, so he chose the Tracker Bar in black (obviously, it’s the « Dark Guzzi!) for a more engaging and staring position, paired with our Aluminum clamps for rigidity. He then opted for a pair of under mirrors and Biltwell grips for the style. Further back, he installed a brushed ignition cover and Black aluminum side covers: a simple on the left of the bike when the right side welcomes a leather bags to carry some essentials because who said that form and function cannot work together? To carry the dark theme, the Heritage leather seat is carefully wrapped by our craftsmen in a beautiful black leather. Slimmer than the factory one this seat give a much slender silhouette to the V7. The black leather paires perfectly with the Classic brushed fenders (front and rear). And because Kevin intends to take his bike on forest trails the V7 gets new shoes with the excellent Heidenau K60.

What would be a beautiful bike without the perfect roar of the Bobber exhaust, and that was one of the most significative improvement Kevin noticed when installing the Bobber exhaust in the beautiful brushed version. The design while minimal with the organic shape of the silencers just beneath the rider’s feet let the engine breath and express a deep roar. Kevin says he keeps on smiling when he twist the throttle and who could Balme him?

The true wealth of this project lies in the creative process that fueled it. From the inception to the last bolt it was almost like a therapy for Kevin. He will always enjoy telling the story of this bike and he truly consider  motorcycle in general and this project especially as a true social network.

Kevin really payed attention to every details and the final product is a very good looking bike blending form and function. Just for the fun of it, Kevin restored a Peugeot 103 First Edition from 1971 for his father’s 60th birthday and while he was at it he also did a 1973 Motobecane so father and sons could ride together. It makes for a true return to the essentials and Kevin cannot recommend it enough!

With all that said, it’s time for Kevin to go ride in the Flandres but first he has a stop to make at the comic book store to find a vintage Batman issue he’s still missing in his collection.

We’d like to thank Eleonore Guichard for the beautiful pictures illustrating this article.