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30 March 2021

Christophe makes his Dandy Bonnie a daily rider

Happiness. It is simply happiness that drives us to gather with our friends to wrench on our bikes in the street under the sun, ride a bobber, get out there and hit the trail with your significant other, ride an electric bike in the streets of Paris (sorry, what?). All of these moments fed Christophe his love for motorbikes. The more he was telling his story, the more inevitable was the moment he came to visit us. And rightly so.

The truth is Christophe has known BAAK for six or seven years now. It is by adding all of its motorbike experiences that one thing leading to another, brought him here, at the BAAK’s workshop.

Christophe’s motorcycle journey strarted started with a CR80 Honda on his home land, in Avignon’s country side. From this point, an intense use of his motorbikes didn’t scared him anymore. Later when living in Paris Christophe had to ride daily for his work and function has to prevail over form, he tried to ride a Harley Davidson but quickly realized it was not a daily drivable motorbike, even for a short urban ride and even less with a pillion. So he bought an electric motorbike for a more confortable daily routine.

Legend says that when Christophe sold the electric bike, the milage was almost the same that the day he got his hands on it.

From this point, Christophe looked for a machine that could transport two people with confort.

Important point: this bike must bring back the spark he use to feel riding, it must be alive and his, in one word unique. When Christophe traveled to Lyon and got through the door of BAAK’s headquarter he was immediately and totally immersed. This was an instant deep dive into this atmosphere which combines a showroom, a living space and a workshop, where there is nothing to hide, where the know-how of the craftsmen meets the original creations.

Then starts the listening part when Christophe tells us his story.

The team carefully listened to him, in order to understand his motivations, his desires and needs. Through discussion we made him realize that his first choice, the T120 Bobber Full Black Ltd, was ultimately not what he was looking for. Under our advices, Christophe chose the Dandy Bonnie! The frame now well defined then come material choices, colors, details and finishes. Christophe took the time to talk with our craftsmen, to listen to their professional advices, to feel the materials we use such as our exceptional leathers, to understand the extreme level of exigence of our paint jobs, the choices were made one after the others.

Note that Christophe took a bit more than a month to settle and choose the exact shade and details of the tank paint. In the end it will be matching his 1968 Mustang convertible: Green Bullitt!

The bike has now been delivered and our new friend is for sure having a lot fun with his new acquisition. « You don’t chose BAAK randomly » summarizes Christophe.

For the more observant, the tank presents a subtle nuance but we won’t say more…