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21 June 2019

The timeless Bonneville T120 Bobber

Laurent fell under the charm of our Triumph Bonneville T120 Bobber, he trusted our craftsmen to complete the project so his new toy can be ready for the summer.

Our Triumph Bonneville T120 Bobber is a controversial bike, each time we feature a version people wonder about the handling and daily use of such a motorcycle. Despite numerous road tests achieved by journalists stating this bike is much more punchy and fun than the original T120, despite our long explanations, Laurent HAD to check by himself. He was so pleased after his first test ride that he directly planned to let us build several motorcycles for him in addition to this Bobber. He already enjoys his toy on the winding roads of the Golf of St Tropez.

Lowered, lightened, with a reduce steering angle, a better riding position and shock absorbers, let’s re-discover the Bonneville T120 as soon as the wheels start to turn on this Bobber. The experience can’t be compared to the one you have with a stock bike, in terms of feelings, sound and pleasure. Our craftsmen wish you enjoy this ride and remain ready to build the next one for you.

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