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3 January 2019

The Triumph Bonneville T120 Rambler by BAAK

Jean-Charles is the happy owner of this Triumph Bonneville T120 he got offered by his partner in life Isabelle for his birthday. A wise choice as it’s the second BAAK that finds its place at his garage. We built a unique model for him, the Triumph Bonneville T120 Rambler.

The first BAAK Jean-Charles got was also from the Hinckley firm. One very chic Bonneville T120 Dandy Bonnie with a British Racing Green painted gas tank you can discover here. Settled in Barcelona, Spain, the couple also own a house based in Ibiza. For her partner’s birthday, Isabelle knew how to surprise him by letting us build a second ride for Jean-Charles, dedicated to their vacation home on the island. She let us Carte blanche for that project, knowing that we spent long hours talking with her husband during the design of his first Bonneville. Our technical specifications : a multi-purpose ride, that can take them to the beach by gravel tracks, a lightweight, secured and easy to use one so our two friends can enjoy it for their weekend breaks.

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We took the risk of using a thick double-tanned green leather that give the spicy touch to the build. Knowing that Jean-Charles was very careful about the details, we used this leather during the manufacturing of the seat, the side bag, the fork boots, the headlight plate straps, the left handlebar control and the handlebar cable guide. Completed on time for the birthday, this Rambler created a big surprise and confirmed Isabelle was right by blindly trusting our vision for this project. Open both ears and eyes during you next trip to Ibiza, you may certainly come across this Triumph Bonneville T120 Rambler.