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8 July 2020

Vincent’s Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor

Vincent fell for the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor but the stock version lacked that something special. BAAK stepped in to create a custom bike faithfull to Vincent’s personality.

It is rare for a perfectionist like Vincent to find the right bike on his first visit to the local dealer. And even though he liked the Interceptor, Vincent knew the bike would need an extensive customization to fit his taste, we’ll need to work on everything from engine to suspension and of course aesthetic. Vincent gave us some directions to work with: make the bike as easy as possible to ride, comfortable both alone and with a pillion, and also able to get away for week end trips (as soon as BAAK develops a pair of saddle!). The bike then rolled in the workshop so we could work on it.


One of the main guidelines was to keep the original spirit of the 650 Interceptor while making it unique. The tank now sports a light blue livery with brushed knee grips giving her a stronger character, we added touches of leather all around the bike (seat, grips, fork gaiter, tank strap, side bag) for a little sophistication. Slimmer mudguards and other brushed metal part to round off with raw touches.

Beyond these aesthetics modifications we also worked on the riding sensations. The original handlebar has been replaced by one of our larger bars, it also has a stronger back sweep to enhance the maneuverability while offering a nice view over the gauge. We took the opportunity to adapt our aluminum BAAK exhaust for the 650 Interceptor and the result is a very rough and deep rale. As per the tire, we selected the Dunlop K81 as they offer good performance all around. As usual we’ve worked with Shock Factory on a set of fully adjustable twin shock. They offer a quick adjustability, ideal for Vincent who occasionally rides with a passenger.

After a few kilometers, a fire road opens up on our right and since this bike is so smooth I decide to see where it goes. The bike is well balanced and makes riding this type of terrain a real pleasure. It was a perfect shake down, we were able to test it on different terrains and really enjoy it.

After a few shenanigans and a nice photoshoot it is time to get back to the shop and prepare the bike for its owner Vincent and we are now certain this bike is what he was looking for when he first contacted us.