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22 August 2019

BAAK’s showroom, an exceptional place

Since April 2019, BAAK welcomes you at a 2500sp m, based in a former silk factory redesigned to provide pleasant workspace for our craftsmen and visitors.

Several activities are mixed inside this place. Our historical upholstery, parts manufacturing, metal-sheet work and custom motorcycles activities are now given a large working space that enable every BAAK craftsmen do his job in comfort. Our painting workshop and automotive workshop (that will be running in early 2020) have gathered. These spaces are open on the showroom that includes a coffee shop / bar. Then the clothing shop will make you discover BAAK’s wardrobe collection, and pieces of brands carefully selected.

We are open from Thursday to Friday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-18:30, and every Saturday 10:00-18:00 at 14 rue de la corderie 69009 LYON, France. A private parking lot is at your disposal when visiting.


A place to drink an excellent Costadoro cafe while discovering our latest creations.


The clothing shop in which one you can discover BAAK’s wardrobe, and pieces carefully selected from clothing brands we enjoy : t-shirts, jackets, shoes, leather goods, helmets…


Here our mechanics and painters create all the bespoke BAAK vehicles.


In this space our craftsmen use their skills to handcraft parts and accessories that will make your motorcycle unique.


Our two upholster work in this space using great quality leather to manufacture leather goods that will last over the years.