French manufacturing

BAAK is proud to offer parts 100% designed and manufactured in France.

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BAAK’s craftsmen always cared about offering parts entirely designed and manufactured in-house, in France.

Historically based in the Lyon region, the BAAK workshop has always brought a huge care about the manufacturing quality and local aspect of its production. On a daily basis, our team designs and manufactures the parts featured on our website and manufactured by our team. Metal shaping, brushing, folding, cutting, electronic wiring, upholstery, leather treatment, design, prototyping, assembly… All the steps of the manufacturing of BAAK parts are completed at our workshop by our team. We believe it’s the only way we reach an harmonious aesthetic result and the high-end finish level our customers expect.

The rare steps of manufacturing we can’t deal with (powder-coat painting for example) are outsourced to local companies based in Lyon’s urban area, with which ones we built a mutual trust relationship over the years.