“The tailor-made department of our workshops located in Lyon put his creatives and craftsmen team to the service of your dream projects!”

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Your projets, personnalized.

Upholstery, bodywork, sheet metal, special paint… Original creation or re-interpretation of a part, an object, a vehicle, our craftsmen put their expertise at your service.

Craftsmanship, accessible.

Rich in craftsmanship and experience, our team supports you in the design and realization of your car, motorcycle project, and beyond… Together, let’s create a vehicle or a part that will suit you in all points, a unique, rewarding object, identical to the vision you have of it!

Our work is based on the skills of our craftsmen, saddlers and designers.
All your great ideas are projects, from a Vespa saddle or a Yamaha Tenere one, to a custom painted tank or a sketch/render of a photo of your vehicle up to the restoration of your old Alpine, Alfa, Mercedes , 911 or Mustang…


Automobiles and motorcycles

Custom BAAK Parts

You like a spare part from the BAAK catalog and… you’d like another color, another material, more confort for a seat than those we offer? Contact Sebastien! With it and from one or more parts of the catalog, customize our products according to your wishes.

Custom project

The passion and expertise of the craftsmen of the BAAK Bespoke department make the field of possibilities infinite for your projects of creating cars or custom-made parts. We welcome both exceptional vehicles and traditional cars looking for a second life. To carry out this work on cars, motorcycles or objects, we rely on the professional skills of the artisans in the workshop. Here are our jobs.

  • Saddlery
  • Painting
  • Sheet metal

Since the creation of BAAK Bespoke, we have created for you motorcycle saddles, personalized paintwork for your Royal Enfields and your Triumphs, we have made Renault rear shelves and redone your Porsche 911 interiors, seats and steering wheels as well only benches for your Volkswagen Combi…

Discover the productions since the creation of the tailor-made service: read the blog article.

Our team puts its talents at the service of the bespoke project that your mount deserves. After years of work based on Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield, BMW NineT, Mini Moris, Land rover Defender, Porsche, BAAK now offers you the study of your project whatever the brand and the era of your machine, always with the same attention to detail and harmony of forms.

Key steps of your Bespoke project
  1. We take delivery of your project
  2. Sebastian contact you
  3. We listen to you, understand your desires
  4. Modeling/sketchs if needed by our design office
  5. Advisory approach
  6. We estimate the project and estimate the deadlines
  7. Finally we realize your request

The design studio

To think up a project, you sometimes have to grab a pencil, some paper and start drawing. Thibault our designer produces the sketches for your tailor-made projects.

For a gift or to decorate the wall of your garage, the design workshop draws, sketches, colors for you. It could be your favorite image or photo, or a futuristic design of the motorcycle you dream of riding in 2099. The rendering will be unique and signed, non-reproducible drawn by the pencil stroke of the workshop!
We know how to produce several styles

  • Photo-realistic
  • Colorized render / illustration
  • Digital / hand sketches
  • etc.

Transport designer gratuated, motocross and classic enduro pilot, Thibault fed his passion for beautiful things long before he joined BAAK. Now leading the studio, he designs BAAK projects in collaboration with Rémi. He is the one who imagines the colors and shapes of the patterns on the paintings of the motorcycles and cars that come out of the workshop.

The workshop

Because it is important to project your ideas, your projects will be carried out here, in our workshop by the craftsmen. More, discover the work environment, discover more of our productions by reading the dedicated blog article.

Project description form

You have a custom project in mind for your machine but you don’t know how to deal with it ? Define the guidelines using this contact form. Our craftsmen team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make your dreams come true.


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