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17 January 2024

BAAK Rises I The Film

BAAK presents “BAAK RISES”, a film directed by Olivier Lattuga-Duyck, featuring the iconic BAAK model: the Dandy Bonnie. A film that captures the very essence of creation, highlighting the craftsmanship of the BAAK workshops.

Olivier introduced himself to us to take a few photos of motorcycles and cars in the workshop. After some time and a few links made, we decided to go further with a more ambitious video project, a collaboration where passion and creativity come together for a unique experience.

Given the rigor of the work carried out in the various workshops and the quality of the bikes built, I wanted to make a slightly different film where the two worlds – that of manufacturing and that of the pleasure of riding – respond and echo each other. I drew on various references, but the most obvious was of course Christopher Nolan’s film. I hope I’ve kept its spirit. Finally, this film was literally made on a shoestring budget, just the passion of each person in their field and the desire to produce something beautiful. I hope you enjoy it!
Olivier Lattuga-Duyck