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10 April 2020

BUILD IT YOURSELF – Daniel’s Moto Guzzi V7

Daniel is based in Austria and has created a unique Moto Guzzi V7 III using a selection of BAAK parts designed and manufactured by our craftsmen.

Daniel is an art and design aficionado before anything else, he even made it his job as the current Red Bull artistic director. In addition to his work for Jägermeister, the many outstanding videos for the energy drink manufacturer, Daniel is also the designer of the 2020 livery of the AlphaTauri F1 car. For more than 10 years, Daniel has also acquired a taste for custom motorcycles and has been working himself on his bikes.


During your next road trip to Austria, who knows you could even see (or hear) Daniel riding the twisty roads around Salzburg . And you choose this part of Europe for your next road trip as Austria has without a doubt among the most beautiful roads in the world with endless valleys and high mountain passes with breathtaking views over the Alps.


THE absolute heaven for any motorcycle enthusiast and rider.
To make the most of this outstanding playground, Daniel needed a bike on par. Despite a gnarly engine with a lot of character, the V7 did not fit Daniel’s fine eye and taste when it came to aesthetics. He therefore selected BAAK for the simple design of our parts and accessories, the quality of our manufacturing and attention to details.


His one fear however was to be unable to carry out the whole project but at least Daniel wanted to try. He managed to successfully do everything and then wisely, brought the bike to a professional for a thorough control of his work and to make sure the bike was safe to ride.


Verdict: Daniel is not only a great photographer, he is good with tools and motorcycles. The first ride with his now unique V7 confirmed he made the right choices and the bike is finally as pleasant to drive than to look at!