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24 June 2021

BUILD IT YOURSELF – Lasalle’s Triumph T120: daydream

« She looks like everything I dreamed of. » For Lasalle, freedom is unconditional. From the dense Jersey City to the mountains bathed in blazing light, Lasalle rides with great happiness his personalized T120 Triumph Bonneville (with BAAK accessories), on the peaceful and endless roads of the Catskills.

Here is how Lasalle manages with the help of a local professional, to create a his dream motorbike that looks like him in every way.

Clinical supervisor in respiratory therapy and as we can imagine, Lasalle has lived some though and intense moments… He sees his motorbike as an escape, both physically and mentally. He really does. And by escape, we mean leaving the city, reaching the Catskills 2 hours from his city house. There in his cabin, a Bonneville awaits, his Bonneville awaits. It will never be too late: after growing up dreaming of these classic motorcycles driven by the most famous movie stars, Lasalle waited until his 50th birthday to finally succumb to the T120 Bonneville’s charm.

In the mountains, Lasalle pierces the woods followed by the sound of the Bobber exhaust which creates this deep, warm and captivating tone. Here is his real sense of freedom: to feel the air against his arms, to switch the gears, to let this mechanical symphony operate, then to twist the throttle to embark on this long curve where the asphalt is cooler thanks to the shade of the maple trees. With a lowered center of gravity thanks to its Wide fork triple trees kit that modifies the caster angle, our rider can tackle turns with confidence!

Sitting well on his Heritage leather seat, Lasalle escapes and faces the landscapes going from beautiful to grandiose, the sun rays of the late afternoon piercing through the vegetation and now the warm air surround him. The T120 will not fail and the braking will be incisive thanks to the Beringer front brake kit. Gaining speed is one thing, but braking and maintaining control is quite another, coupled with the wide tires, handling is excellent. This kit gives him peace of mind when he has to close the fingers of his right hand and keep in contact with the road.

The whole environment accompanies him on his ride, the man, machine and atmosphere are one. Everything is alive.

To make his dream possible, Lasalle paid attention to every details: the leather cables guides, here blacks, perfectly fit in the overall theme of the bike. Good Job!

« I feel that BAAK represents a spirit of beauty and freedom that helps connects the rider and his motorcycle. Your custom projects and parts truly reflect that.. nobody else can. »

BAAK is happy to have been able to guide Lasalle in the realization of his dream. With the help of a local professional, he managed to create a machine that looks like him in every way.

Ride safe mate!