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24 December 2022

“Electric Feel”: Hyperscope inspired!

Both Hyperscope and BAAK are in constant search of visual balance in their aesthetics. It is within the framework of this approach that they join forces for the time of an installation to propose an artistic moment. As creators of spaces, Hyperscope has chosen the BAAK Austin Mini as a space of expression.

“Electric Feel” is a light installation that depicts the contrast of two opposing wills. A zone of tension frozen in time, between the compression carried by the Austin Mini and the expansion translated by the balloons. Our approach is part of a current situation in which the world of art and the automobile finds a point of convergence. We have seen this connection carried recently by artists like Daniel Arsham, Chris Labrooy for Porsche or the Obvious collective with Alpine, for example. »

Yann and Antoine – Hyperscope founders

Plus d’info sur Hyperscope: hyperscope.fr