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15 November 2021

Available and for sale

Discover here the authentic BAAK available for sale at the workshop. Unique machines, which concentrate the know-how and creativity of our teams, available immediately.

All of these creations have a story, a strong personality and an enhanced dynamic behavior. Designed to implement our innovations and creativity, they are now on sale and visible in our showroom.

We can ship them to France and around the world via specialized carrier. Contact Sébastien for more information.

BMW NineT Street Tracker

We keep the original essence by providing a superior finish to the BMW NineT. You are warned, this motorcycle is made to be intensively used, not frightened by rain, not frightened by dust, not frightened by scratches. This machine is stable throughout the year, even if everything can speed up instantly. This is how BAAK imagines the NineT in a Street Tracker version.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2018
PRICE : €19.800,00
New, this customization costs €29.000
This NineT Street Tracker can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Gallinella

Gallinella is the result of our collaboration with Royal Enfield Motorcycles around the Twin 650 Interceptor. It was originally introduced at the Wheels & Waves Festival in Biarritz in 2019.

Its aesthetic bathtub design is very typical of the British rear fairing styles, the body part becomes the masterpiece of the machine and highlights the craftsmen work behind. It’s a lightweight and easy motorcycle which sound make any trip more exciting. The clean riding post enables the rider focus on the whole experience

YEAR: 2019
MILEAGE: 6 115 Km (3,800 miles)
PRICE: $25,000 (tax and shipping excluded)

This Gallinella can be seen in Los Angeles, CA in our workshop in Burbank. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph T120 Tracker

This is a 2019 model. Except a pair of new wheels, we’ve put our whole catalog, including a complete Beringer front brake kit, a Motogadget tiny gauge, a short seat kit, adjustable shocks, airbox delete kit, beautiful leather accessories and more!

YEAR: 2019
MILEAGE: 8 000 Km (5,000 miles)
PRICE: $30,000 (tax and shipping excluded)

This Tracker can be seen in Los Angeles, CA in our workshop in Burbank. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon

We stripped the bike down so only the frame, engine and wiring harness were remaining, we then used a long list of new parts developed and manufactured in house by our team in France: from the Springer fork to the small headlight with a integrated gauge in it, to the whole cockpit with buttons wired through the handlebar for a lighter look, from the black sued seat to the rear fender hugging the wheel. You can also appreciate the gorgeous paint mixing a vintage Porsche cream color with a rich metallic black. This bike is both a show bike and a bike you can take on the road, as we did for some photo and video shoot along the coastal US 1 between LA and San Francisco.

YEAR: 2020
MILEAGE: 4 800 Km (3,000 miles)
PRICE: $40,000 (tax and shipping excluded)

This Bobber Moon can be seen in Los Angeles, CA in our workshop in Burbank. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph Bobber 1200 Sacramento

A motorcycle with a very strong character, this creation pays homage to Californian customs. The cockpit has been sleeked, our Springer fork and our Low Rider seat plus the full black exhaust make it unique and timeless style.

YEAR: 2021
PRICE: €29.500,00

This Bobber Sacramento can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Sidecar Alliance II

Alliance II is a Triumph T120 paired side car. Alliance II is an ode to the raw materials and simple pleasure of riding. Inspired by the Streamline Modern era, the elegant mix of metal and leather reveals beautiful and aerodynamic shapes wrapped in a subtil blend of greys. The design, the details, the finishes of this outfit were developed and created in BAAK’s workshop in Lyon. This one off creation has involved all of our departments, who can be appreciated by several, as a family.

This sidecar made the cover of Café Racer Magazine.

YEAR: 2018
PRICE: €58.000,00
This Sidecar can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph Speed Twin

True dynamic motorcycle by design, this Speed ​​Twin BAAK is already fitted with many accessories available in the catalog. The black Bobber exhaust and the discreet edging under the black paint of the tank and the front fender pushes a step forward the personality of this modern roadster.

YEAR: 2020
MILEAGE: 2.050 Km
PRICE: €22.000,00
New, this customization costs €31.000
This Speed Twin can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Classic Triumph Thunderbird

YEAR: 1960
PRICE: €15.000,00

Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon

Treat yourself to the emotion that emanates from this 1200 Moon bobber. Solid rims, prepared Springer fork, upturned black leather saddle, deep paint, Bobber exhaust, belt drive, sleek cockpit, it’s up to you to roam the city, up to you to echo the warm tones of the exhaust against the buildings!

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2021
PRICE: €31.000,00
This Bobber Moon can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph Street Scrambler 900

“Savage” model of the Modern Classic range of Triumph motorcycles. BAAK focused on re-designing this model while keeping its adventurer look, using bespoke parts we manufactured. Its road handling gets highly improved, and its look mixing modernity and classicism leaves no one indifferent.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2019
MILEAGE: 1.500 Km
PRICE: €20.000,00
New, this customization costs €26.000
This Street Scrambler can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph Street Twin Rambler Saphir

Backpacker and customized to be very versatile, this Street Twin rises to the border between Flat Track and Tracker style. Sporty behavior, the flat track handlebars bring agility back to life. The two 18-inch rims are fitted with tires that are narrower than the original ones, in order to respect the harmony of the thin and elegant tank.
Full of life, accessible and bright, this Rambler saphir will accompany you in urban environment as on the surrounding small roads.
Here are some column to know more about the Rambler: bikebound.com

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2021
PRICE: €25.000,00
This Rambler can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Trail Aventures

A heart stroke? You do like the colorful Interceptors prepared for adventures or you have spent a week with BAAK Aventures driving your motorbike through fields and you would like to take it forever? It’s possible ! You have the choice: Bed of wine, Raspberry, Linen green, Water green, Carabinieri blue, Sky blue, Yellow, Sandglow, Cream!

More info about the bike

YEAR : 2020
NEW: 0 Km | USED: Between 500 and 3000 Km
PRICE: €14.000
New, this customization costs €16.500
This Trail Aventures can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Roadster

BAAK presents the Roadster.  Definitively agile and urban version, BAAK offers a precise, incisive and pleasant motorbike to ride with. With its muffled sound, melodious will be the long journeys, rhythmics will be the passages thought town. The general design and these new colors are reminiscent of the first Roadster, now classic. Based on a 650 Interceptor, the stainless steel manifolds and aluminum silencers produces a sweet deep sound without resonance. The classic short leather seat kit makes the Roadster compact but retains two seats. The modded caster angle and our Flat Track handlebars kit improves the handling of the bike. Lowered, lightened and refined, the speedometer is integrated into the headlight.

More info about the bike

YEAR : 2021
PRICE : €19.000,00
This Roadster can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.


The Triumph Bonneville T120 Bathtub is a revival of the classic aesthetic developed by Triumph in the sixties, now re-designed by BAAK with a touch of modernity. It is also the last motorcycle completed in our historical workshop of Tassin La Demi Lune. It’s a showcase of the skills of our craftsmen, it terms of design, metal work, upholstery, assembly and attention to details.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2019
PRICE : €50.000,00

Featured in France and available worldwide. Please contact laura@baakusa.com for the American market.

BMW R Nine T Scrambler

The Scrambler style is the perfect partner for those who want to ride different with a NineT. It mixes the raw aspect of its exhaust and mudguards with the chic aspect of the leather parts we bespoke built for it. Rémi the founder of BAAK, used to ride the bike. Now for sale! This bike now on sale is the favorite of Rémi, founder of BAAK.

This very Nine T is featured in the movie Three of a kind.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2017
MILEAGE: 20.000 Km
PRICE: €16.000,00
New, this customization costs €24.000
This NineT Scrambler can be seen in Lyon in our workshop. The bike can be shipped worldwide.

Triumph T120 Dandy Bonnie

BAAK offers you this chic and distinguished T120 in its Dandy Bonnie style. Enhancing, this bike is shaped by hand, from the upholstery to the exhausts through the side covers. This Dandy Bonnie is fun to drive, in town and on the country roads around your home.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2018
MILEAGE: 3.600 Km
PRICE: €20.000,00

This configuration is available as new at €27.000

Royal Enfield Trial 1960 Ltd

This creation is an evolved version of our Royal Enfield Trial 1960. It retains the classic aesthetics of the 60s tal motorcycles, offers a high level of finish, real climbing ability and is 45 kg lighter than the original. The sand finish of the trial gives a real general character to this bike. This Royal is accessorized with BAAK aluminum parts designed and manufactured by our team: mudguards, rims, triple trees, handlebars… The engine and the chassis have been improved to make it more responsive and ideal for touring trial.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2018
PRICE : €15.000,00

Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT Racer

Cafe Racer anyone? Yes with « an extra touch of sport » please! No fairing for this build, but a short exhaust, an airbox delete kit, a single seat and 17’’ wheels. BAAK accentuate the sportiness without falling in an arms race.
Unveiled during the Montlhéry Festival 2021, this Racer is fitted with the full exhaust line, the front mudguard, the air intake cover, the headlight bracket, the headlight with an integrated Daytona gauge or the new short seat kit with the humped seat.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2020
NEW: 12 Km
PRICE: €22.500,00

Priced at €18.000,00 with the factory fork (no Öhlins fork)

Triumph Street Twin Tracker

The retro-look roaster from Triumph turned into a Tracker style. We re-designed this machine into a Tracker spirit, making it more explosive and bringing a particular care to his aesthetic balance. It encourages the rider to contemplation, as much as road experience. Behind his calm little toy look is hiding a motorcycle that will make each trip more exciting. Wider handlebars, classic speedometer, ears cradled by the bicylinder sound finally released, the experience has nothing to be compared with an original Triumph Street Twin.

More info about the bike

YEAR: 2020
MILEAGE: 1.780 Km
PRICE: €16.000,00

This configuration is available as new at €20.000

Triumph Thruxton 1200 Tracker

The Triumph Thruxton 1200 is turned into an elegant machine, whose comfort and simplicity gets very desirable under BAAK’s driving post. A none-exhuberant line and a rediscovered skillfulness that will make this bike enjoyable in every condition. Built for one of our customers in 2017, it’s now available for sale again.

Find out the pleasure provided by a real classic sport motorcycle, true to the Thruxton’s spirit.

YEAR : 2017
MILEAGE : 5900 Km
PRICE : €15883,00


The Royal Enfield Himalayan is THE adventurer. His peaceful mono cylinder will take you far away. Behind the high handlebars, the journey matters more than the arrival. Its adaptability and comfort are really enjoyable. In the BAAK version, the high ground clearance, reduced weight and engine improvements make it easy to daily ride, as much as for long trips.

YEAR : 2020
MILEAGE : 150 Km
PRICE : €6250,00


The Tracker is THE best machine to navigate through the urban jungle, and the perfect ally to answer your desires of escape on unbeaten tracks. The model featured shows an exceptional finish level and mixes strong color choices that give this motorcycle a unique personality. The technical choices made by our team made the road handling of this machine sharp and sensational, it would leave no one indifferent.

YEAR : 2019
MILEAGE : 5350 Km
PRICE : 16665,00€ (Tax free)

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Rambler

This machine was built in 2019 for Éric, she’s back in the workshop after he ordered a custom Moto Guzzi V9 from us. Ready for the adventure and multi-purpose, this Royal Enfield has a reduced weight compared to the origin and a strong classic look. Her high-range finish level and the care brought by his previous owner should convince you to free up some space in your garage for her. Ready to be charmed by the sweet sound of her monocylinder ?

YEAR : 2019
MILEAGE : 6900 Km
PRICE : 9583,33€
(Tax free)  

ROYAL ENFIELD Classic 500 Rambler

The Rambler is the perfect adventurer. This Royal Enfield know how to become your travel companion, or your daily ride : wide saddlebags, optional pillion seat, long front fenders, comfortable riding position…  Its versatility, it classic yet discreet aesthetic will seduce you as much as the sound of its strong monocylinder.

YEAR : 2019
PRICE : 13750,00€
(Tax free)


BAAK introduces it latest redesign of the Triumph Bonneville T120 in its most chic and distinguished shape : the Dandy Bonnie. Loaded with finely manufactured parts and carefully selected finishing touches leading to this timeless aesthetic. That’s a bike which embodies perfectly the essence of our work : excellence, classicism, craftsmanship. The work completed on the chassis make it much more fun and punchy to ride than what you could expect.

YEAR : 2019
PRICE : 25500,00€
(Tax free) 


BAAK introduces his “Rambler” vision of the Triumph Bonneville T120 or T100. Noble materials and a strong timeless aesthetic, associated with the multi-purpose use brought by the workshop of our craftsmen team. This model will please the adventurer gentleman eager for unique riding feelings. It’s reduced weight guarantees a very pleasant road handling.

ANNÉE : 2019
TARIF : 28000,00€ TTC.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Tracker

Built based on a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 EFI, this Tracker is the perfect daily ride for anyone seeking an agile motorcycle, as pleasant to ride throughout the urban jungle as on winding mountain roads. Wide handlebars, fat tires, short exhaust, minimalistic look… It’s the exact opposite of what a British gentleman would expect from a Bonneville.

YEAR : 2016
MILEAGE : 4000 Km
PRICE : 16250,00€
(Tax free)

ROYAL ENFIELD 650 Interceptor Original

This chic adventurer version of the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor reveals all its character. While respecting the original spirit of the machine, BAAK craftsmen designed and manufactured parts that transform the Interceptor line, widening the scope of possibilities behind its handlebars.

YEAR : 2020
PRICE : 9075,00€
(Tax free) 

MASH 125 Seventy Five Scrambler

Perfect to start on two wheels, or to go get your bread in the morning, here is our redesigned version of the Royal Enfield Sevety Five Scrambler. A tiny 125cc on which one BAAK focused on deleting the aesthetic and technical problems the manufacturer did, to turn into into a real machine with a strong personality.

YEAR : 2016
MILEAGE : 4150 Km
PRICE : 3500,00€
(Tax free) 

TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE T120 Bobber Full Black N°0

This machine gets a strong full black look and gets back the codes of the Bobber style machines. It guarantees to his owner a classic aesthetic, flawless finish details and an improved handling compared to the stock bike.

10 pieces of this creation will be built on order as a limited series. The model available for sale is the N°0. It’s featured in our latest movie Three of a kind.

YEAR : 2018
MILEAGE : 800 Km
PRICE : 237500,00€
(Tax free) 


A classic trial machine, with an exceptional finish level and real off road skills. This Royal Enfield was lightened by 45Kg compared to the origin, using parts designed and manufactured by our team such as : Mudguards, wheels, fork trees, handlebars… The engine and the cycle-parts were improved so it can be more punchy and perfect to ride during trial sessions. Its off road qualities are shown in our movie Three of a kind.

YEAR : 2018
MILEAGE : 700 Km
PRICE : 13750,00€
(Tax free)


“A unique ride, an aggressive non-compromise look, an off road able bike that can also be enjoyed on the road”. Here are the requirements of Nicolas when we designed his project together. A few years after we built this Scrambler for him, he brought the bike back to our workshop to find another ride. High front mudguard, wide bars, tiny speedometer, short leather seat kit, high exhaust pipes, sump guard, leather seat and gas tank entirely new…

MILEAGE : 9000 Km
PRICE : 10416,00€ (tax free)


This motorcycle is the first Royal Enfield our team has been working on. Based on a 2016 Classic 500 EFI model, we turned it into a chic adventurer. It’s equipped with long aluminium mudguard, rear rack, high exhaust system, aluminium gas tank, goat skin seat, Scrambler handlebar with leather grips, classic turn indicators, headlight protection grid, 21′ and 18′ front and rear aluminium wheels, off road tires, discreet license plate support, silicone fork gaiters…

YEAR : 2016
MILEAGE : 4150 Km
PRICE : 6500,00€ 
(Tax free – 9500,00€ for brand new version)


We did our best to reveal the character of the transalpine twin by upgrading its finish level and creating bespoke parts. It offers a comfortable riding position and a handling the allows anyone make some eccentricities while riding it. Its high Scrambler exhaust line, made with stainless steel and aluminium, provides a great deep sound. We brought a huge care on the chassis of this ride, by fitting a mono shock absorber developed with shock factory, and lowering the bike. It’s definitely a Guzzi that can be enjoyed both on singletracks or through the city.
YEAR : 2015
MILEAGE : 1150 Km
PRICE : 14500,00€ 


This creation is the purest expression of Royal Enfield’s state of mind. It’s a classic ride, not exuberant, simply engineered, but with the taste of authenticity. Its Desert Storm color matches the aged brown leather details we handcrafted for it (grips, side bag, seat, gas tank strap) and offers a touch of chic. With its Off road tires and its fork gaiters, it goes for a Scrambler mood that is an invitation to escape. Riding this Royal Enfield, you let yourself get driven by its monocylinder rythm providing great feelings.

YEAR : 2017

PRICE : 7995,00€ 


This machine was created on the demand of a customer that aimed at re-discovering the pleasure to ride an exceptional machine, who could both be enjoyed on winding countryside roads or cruising down the boulevards. A chic reinterpretation of the original bike, with manly sides while remaining discreet. His wide handlebar, his Bitubo shock absorbers and short exhaust make it lightweight and easy to handle. It mixes the strong aspect of a Scrambler and the very vintage look of his purified driving post.
YEAR : 2014
MILEAGE : 1350 Km

PRICE : 10420,00€ (Tax free) 


This machine is BAAK’s key project for 2017, based on the new Triumph Bonneville T120 Black. It required long hours of work to visually purify the aesthetic line of the build. Lighter and more compact than the original motorcycle, it offers dynamic riding skills which enable to take advantages of the great 1200cm3 bicylinder. We wanted to introduce the build via a short movie you can view here. The Triumph motorcycle was unvealed at the Cafe Racer Festival and the Midnight Garage Festival 2017, and got featured on specialized websites such as Bike Exif.
YEAR : 2017
MILEAGE : 1500 Km
PRICE : Please contact us   



An exclusive machine with an high finish level and many bespoke parts (fork triple trees, front brake bracket, stainless steel screwing…) that was featured in RAD and Ferro magazines. Its conventional Öhlins Black Edition fork give it a good handling and precision. The speedometer integrated in the tripode optic headlight keeps all the features of an original speedometer and enables to lighten the look of the front end. Its stainless steel and aluminium exhaust line make the engine provide a strong and deep sound that leave few people indifferent.
YEAR : 2015
MILEAGE : 3100 Km
PRICE : 15000,00€    


This 2016 Triumph Scrambler based build is the purest expression of an off road spirit according to BAAK : An off road able bike, that remains good at riding on the road and with a none-compromise raw look. Some leather accessories bring it a chic look, contrasting with its raw parts. Beringer provided the full braking system and its great controls we mounted on a handlebar with bespoke clamps and machined aluminium triple trees.

YEAR : 2017
PRICE : 19500,00€ 


This Street Twin was the first new liquid-cooled Triumph on which one we put our hands. It gets many parts handcrafted to develop our new range of parts for Triumph motorcycles. Lowered and equipped with discreet mudguards, it gets a compact look and an aggressive line. We proceeded to a plastic and low quality material hunt while working over that build, to achieve a distinguished and harmonious project. Its leather seat and saddlebag, its Vance & Hines high exhaust line and the huge work done over the front end of the bike (headlight / handlebars / clamps / headlight backets / speedometer support) make it a very different bike compared to the original Street Twin.
YEAR : 2017
PRICE : 14500,00€