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6 January 2023

Franck’s 1200 Aventures

Franck has been riden his BAAK 1200 Aventures based on a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC for the past couple of months now. We wanted to understand a little bit more about his choice and get his first impression on this bike.

The Crush

The story begins Spring 2022 when Franck takes part in one of our BAAK Aventures in the Hautes-Alpes and had a discussion with Remi (the founder of the BAAK, who was taking some time off from the workshop for once and was present on this Aventure) about getting a new bike but can’t seem to find anything that makes his heart race on the market. Let’s just quick state the fact that Franck has only been riding for 2 years and already has 2 BAAK bikes (a T100 Dandy Bonnie and a 650 Interceptor Trail) and a scooter. 

He wants something with a taste of off road and something about the Paris Dakar bikes attracts him but the Indian FTR could also be a solid contender… but nothing is certain and Franck hasn’t got the certainty on a bike yet. Remi share his vision of what could be done on a Triumph Scrambler 1200 (and at this point it was still just a project) and show him renderings and pictures. Franck immediately falls in love with this bike because “it’s rougher and less precious” compared to stock. By the end of the Aventure, he places the order. Now he needs to pass his last module of his Motorcycle license (in Europe, your M driving license gradually allow you to ride bigger bike as you pass some modules) and since July 2022 Franck is legally able to ride any bike!

I completely trust Remi, he knows more than everybody how to design beautiful bikes without overdoing it.

The Creation

Since Franck lives in Lyon where the BAAK workshop is also installed, he was able to be a part in all the steps of the process for the development of his bike. He was very involved with the whole team: from talking design with Thibault, production with Jordan, to mechanic with Franky and all of the above with Remi. Franck chose black leather panniers to soften a little the overall outline of the bike. He also chose to live all the new aluminum elements raw with just a brushed finished and a satin clear coat to respect Remi’s original vision.

The Opinion

Every morning on my way to work, I feel like riding anywhere but in the city, it is such a fulfilling emotion, the true bliss of pure freedom.

Since the delivery of his new 1200 Adventure, Franck can’t give it a rest. He rides it everyday, to and from work, in the city but also to go grocery shopping with his wife Lydie who loves this bike just as much. Beyond just the unique design of this bike, Franck loves the ability to go off the paved road and with the 6.6 Gal gas tank less gas station stops are required which is a definite plus! The 1200 Scrambler XC (the lower of the 2 version offered by Triumph) paired with a low seat makes the perfect bike for Franck who is 5’9’’.

And what do other people think about this bike? Well, a lot! This bike is pretty unique and a true conversation starter. Some will find it rather futuristic, some in the contrary rather retro and “Paris Dakar from the 90’s”, some will find it well made when other consider “not finished”. To say the least, this bike make people talk!

The Futur

Today, Franck does not want to add bikes to his garage anymore, he is fully satisfied. The opposite might be true as he is thinking about selling his scooter, that hasn’t moved since the delivery of the 1200 Aventures. It seems to be the perfect bike for Franck! However Francks likes to live amazing experiences and will therefore go again in an Adventure with BAAK in the Spring, heading to Provence this time.

Ride safe Franck!

True all-round hybrid extension of the rider, this BAAK model takes the versatility of the 1200 Scrambler out of the garage for adventure. This is a  technical showcase of the workshop’s know-how, the 1200 Aventures is not intended to take pride of place in a living room.

Want one?