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2 February 2022

BAAK Aventures: « What did you think about it? »

BAAK Aventures offers to ride on some French roads and trails. But what happens when you leave the group and just follow the GPS track designed by our experts? 2 brothers and a friend did it and here is what these 3 explorers thought about their experience!

Better than one opinion, three!

We contacted 2 brothers and one of their friend who rode the Haute Provence route. The group let themselves be carried along by the atmosphere and the landscapes over the course of the 5 days of adventure riding the the beautiful Royal Enfield customized by BAAK but on 3rd day, they decided to split from the group and go on at their own path while still following the GPS track designed by Romain. What are they thoughts about it?


In general, what do you think about the routes of BAAK Aventures?

Philippe: « If you ever dreamt of traveling Provence while everything is taken care of (food, lodging and logistic) and with luxury…then BAAK did it! I discovered the joy of riding off road without being scared of losing my way (thanks the GPS track) along the beautiful and spectacular landscapes of Valensole plateau, the Verdon Gorge and the Roya valley. For the city boy I am, this was real adventure! »
Laurent: « With this BAAK Aventure and this experience of travelling bivouac, I found again the pleasure to ride a motorcycle, a simple and pure pleasure. It was the perfect blend between the beauty of the landscapes and the bikes. A true source of serenity and freedom »
Frederic: « This amazing week was filled with so much emotions, and to be able to share that with my brother it feels like we were finally able to fullfill one of our  childhood dreams.

Few words on the overall experience?

Philippe: « The choice of the routes is of course one of the highlights but it is goes beyond and I really appreciated how the whole team listened to every rider taking part in the Aventure. There was not a single problem that was left unsolved »
Laurent: « The incredible blend between the routes clearly designed by an explorer for fellow explorers and unexpected beauty of the scenery in which the camp is set up day after day makes it this week so rich in emotions and memories. »
Frederic: « The attention to details is to me what makes so much difference. You can clearly see the same care in making bikes (I own a BAAK T120 Bobber) than creating experiences. Take for example Anne-Cecile the chef, she was able to cook amazing menus in the wild far away from a real kitchen and paired them with fine wine! The accommodation were worth of a 5 stars hotel with a set of warm and fluffy Pyrenex duvet and pillows. The tent equipped with a wood burner was clearly a plus and every night a delight. It was clearly a road trip done the French style!
I also felt just enough adrenaline rush for my taste, while always feeling safe (it is still a motorcycle ride after all) knowing that I could always count on Romain or Remi who are seasoned explorers and motorcycle riders. I really appreciated the freedom of having the GPS track so we could split form the group while having the peace of mind to know that Romain or Remi were never far. To sum up in the word to remember is balance, the right balance between on and off road riding, on and off the bike experiences… And also this week of riding was certainly a way to become a better rider, at least I learnt a lot »

Guys, you best memory…

Philippe: « The wild ride on the Valensole plateau in the middle of the lavender fields! »
Laurent: « Riding! From the trails, the twisty road in the rocky canyons, the mountains, the forest riding everywhere until being drunk on the beauty of the landscape and the pleasure of riding »
Frederic: « The discovery of the campsites every nights, after a full day of riding on and off road, eating dust and getting tired the last uphill trail of the day leads you to a beautiful campsite. Then you know the rest of your day is going to be cozy and relaxing. My favorite campsites was Majastre in the Verdon, it even became my screen saver. We’re now looking forward to discover the Southern Alps in 2022 for our next Aventure! »

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The Haute-Provence

On dirt tracks and asphalt road, discover the Provençal hinterland and Haute-Provence, setting off from Nice. This adventure is great if you’re an intermediate rider who wants to experience the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. Together with your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS routes sent at the beginning of the trip. With cicadas as your soundtrack, you’ll ride on stony tracks across olive groves, vineyards and oak groves that take you to Haut-Verdon’s mountain tracks until you reach the Alpine passes. As evening falls, expect a well-deserved rest in exceptional natural settings thanks to our portable campsite.

720 km (447 miles) | 5 days & 4 night | From May 02nd to 06th, from May 09th to 13th and from September 26th to 30th, 2022

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The Beaujolais 

Welcome to our adventure that’s perfect for all abilities! You’ll take forest trails and tracks to discover Beaujolais and part of the Monts du Lyonnais. This adventure is great for anyone who wants to get a taste for tracks and experience the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. You’ll ride between the Beaujolais vineyards and across the dense forests of the Monts du Lyonnais. You can stop for lunch at a restaurant or find some shade by the side of the track and enjoy the food prepared by our chef.

390 km  (242 miles)| 3 days & 2 nights | From May 26th to 28th and from May 04th to 06th, 2022

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The Southern Alps – France

On dirt tracks and asphalt roads, discover the Alpes-Maritimes, Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes-Alpes, departing from Nice. This adventure is great if you’re a confident rider and want to discover the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. Together with your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS routes sent at the beginning of the trip. You’ll ride across southern Alp passes on narrow roads and rocky tracks crossing the Mercantour National Park until Serre-Ponçon Lake.

1 035 km (643 miles) | 6 days & 5 night | From June 13th to 18th,
from June 27th to July 02nd and from August 29th to September 03rd, 2022.

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Who is Romain?

Romain is the Expedition Leader! He is the one who scouts France to prepare the Aventures and find the perfect blend of roads, trails and campsites so you can create memories for a lifetime!


If you have any question, please check our FAQ or get in touch directly with Romain. He should an answer for every question!