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Joy is only true if shared, talk to your friend, build a group and come with us to create new memories together.

To feel fully alive and fulfill you desire for adventures, what’s better than taking the road and camping into the wild?

The Lyon’s workshop team guide and escort you on carefully found itineraries and welcome you on delightful campsites along the way. Trust us and come experience our vision of adventure.

The adventures in details


Our camps are moved everyday by two Land Rover Defender hauling two trailers, with one of them being our fully equipped mobile kitchen. Everything is set up by our team in peaceful landscapes, between forest and pasture.


The camp consist of 2 person tents with a 130 sq.ft (12 sq.m) living space. They feature two cots with a luxurious set of Pyrenex duvet and pillow.
The tents also feature a wood stove, Fermob lights, a soft rug as well the necessary coat hanger and valet stand for your comfort. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguisher are of course integrated in the tent for the upmost safety.


For your 3 daily meals, you’ll enjoy menus conceived and cooked with local supplies and groceries by our Chef who is part of the traveling team.
Every morning fuel up on energy and nutriment for your riding day around a continental breakfast, grab your light lunch and enjoy wine tasting paired with the best of the local cuisine every night.


The experienced team escorting and guiding you is made of a Chef, a maitre d’hotel, an aide de camp and of course Romain the expedition leader.
Seasoned and experiences with moto trips around the world, Romain and his team are never caught off guard and always react in a calm and positive way to make your trip a blissful experience.

Oh and if you was wondering, yes, we speak English!


The Routes are carefully scouted and selected paths combining road and trail that you can follow with the provided GPS device.
We have composed them like musical pieces with some key moments, some more relaxed, some « chorus » like bits coming back a few time in the day. We have of course favored charming roads and colorful trails so that no matter your experience you can have fun and finish every legs of the journey.


The primary goal of the Baak Aventures is to allow you to slow down for a few days and finally take time to enjoy the journey. And to us it seams that the best way to do so is to get back to the root of motorcycle and pure riding by using a simple bike or a classic bike to do so.

Your bike or our Rides!

You can come with your bike but for our routes only the classic Scrambler or Trail bike are appropriate to enjoy the ride as we intend to or you’ll be done with the day’s path by lunch time and that would be a shame! (We can take care of your bike shipping for an extra cost upon request)
If you want to live the Baak aventures to the fullest and especially if you live half way across the world, we have a fleet of colorful Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor with a special BAAK Trail treatment.
If you choose this option, the bike will wait for you at the initial meeting point and you’ll just have to leave them with your host at the end of the trip.

These road-trips are therefore to be experienced on the handlebars of motorcycles with character. That’s why we work with Vintage Rides, who exclusively distribute our routes, as their DNA and philosophy of road tripping is the same.

Dates & Fares


From October 03rd to 09th, 2022


780 km (outword) + 330 km (return)
485 miles (outword) + 205 miles (return)
7 days – 6 nights
Riding level: Easy
Full board accommodation (and luggage carrying in our support vehicles), hotels and breakfast included. English-speaking tour leader.


2.000€ starting price per customer



From May 02nd to 06th, 2022
From May 09th to 13th, 2022
From September 26th to 30th, 2022


720 km (447 miles)
5 days – 4 nights
Riding level: Average
Full board accommodation (and luggage carrying in our support vehicles). English-speaking tour leader.


2 550€ ($2.800) per customer (with your motorcycle)
3 375€ ($3.700) per customer (BAAK Interceptor Trail motorbike included)




Exclusive Distributor


On dirt tracks and asphalt road, discover the Provençal hinterland and Haute-Provence, setting off from Nice. This adventure is great if you’re an intermediate rider who wants to experience the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. Together with your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS routes sent at the beginning of the trip. With cicadas as your soundtrack, you’ll ride on stony tracks across olive groves, vineyards and oak groves that take you to Haut-Verdon’s mountain tracks until you reach the Alpine passes. During the day, you will either dine in restaurants selected by the team or enjoy a packed lunch picnic prepared by our chef in the countryside. As evening falls, expect a well-deserved rest in exceptional natural settings thanks to our portable campsite. Our private chef will serve delicious meals that we’ll enjoy together around the campfire as we watch the sun set. We’ll sleep under the stars in the comfort of our cotton tents heated by wood burners.

From Nice to Caille
125 km / 100% tarmac / 3h ride
RDV at the camping Les Cents Chênes at 10am
We’ll meet at the entrance of Les Cent Chênes campsite. You’ll be given your rental trail bikes prepared by BAAK and be briefed on the rules of off-roading in nature. We’ll set off mid-morning and get to grips with our hire bikes, spending the whole day on tarmacked roads in the heart of the Préalpes d’Azur Natural Park. We discover the hidden wonders the Niçois hinterland has to offer with its gorges and cliffside roads. Mid-afternoon we make the most of a well-deserved rest in Pont d’Aiglun and enjoy a spot of wild swimming in the Esteron River’s natural pools. We leave the Niçois hinterland behind us and end the day at our first campsite in the Caille plains.

From Caille to Valensole
150 km / 20% offroad, 80% tarmac / 5h ride
We set off early for a whole day in the heart of Verdon Regional Park where we’ll spend the morning on accessible tracks and picture-perfect roads take us to Castellane for lunch. In the afternoon, we descend the Verdon gorges on the Route des Crêtes between turquoise waters and rock formations to Sainte-Croix Lake. This 15-mile panoramic road takes us on a tour of all of the gorges’ ridges, hence its name. The 14 Belvédères (or lookouts) showcase Verdon’s legendary cliffs and offer breathtaking views over the Grand Canyon. After a dip in the lake, we end the day on the Valensole plateau via farm tracks across lavender fields and arrive at our camp near Valensole.

From Valensole to Majastres
150 km / 70% offroad, 30% tarmac / 5h ride
After washing down our bacon and eggs with a good coffee, we leave our camp and continue our adventure across the Valensole plateau, where we ride along farming tracks. Our Provençal getaway continues in Haut Verdon, far away from tourists, along mountainous tracks bordering forest industry woodlands, which take us above Majastres, one of the smal- lest villages in France with just 4 inhabitants. Our camp awaits at 1,200 m altitude set against a stunning backdrop.

From Majastres to Saint André Les Alpes
120 km / 30% offroad, 70% tarmac / 4h ride
We set off mid-morning and begin our descent to Castellane on mountain tracks between rocky grounds and pastures at 1,400 m altitude. We get back on tarmacked road along the Route Napoléon until Castellane, where we stop for lunch. We head towards Castillon Lake taking a road alongside Chaudanne Lake and spend the afternoon relaxing. We end the day climbing La Sapet’s tracks to reach our last camp.

From Saint André Les Alpes to Nice
170 km / 20% offroad, 80% tarmac / 5h30 ride
We set off mid-morning for our last day of riding. We head directly onto white tracks lined by grasses and thyme bushes all the way up to Thorame. We spend the rest of the morning on Haut-Verdon’s mountain roads towards Val d’Allos climbing the Verdon to Colmars-les-Alpes. After lunch, we start to ascend the Champs pass, which culminates at more than 2,000 m altitude. We continue through Provence on roads that lead us to Guillaumes, the gateway to the Gorges de Daluis and its red rocks, believed to be more than 260 million years old! We end the day on narrow cliffside roads – only wide enough for one car at a time – and arrive back at our meeting point, Les Cent Chênes campsite, where our adventure ends.

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From May 26th to 28th, 2022
From June 04th to 06th, 2022


390 km (242 miles)
3 days – 2 nights
Riding level: Easy
Full board accommodation (and luggage carrying in our support vehicles). English-speaking tour leader.


990€ ($1.090) per customer (with your motorcycle)
1 320€ ($1.450) per customer (BAAK Interceptor Trail motorbike included)




Exclusive Distributor


Welcome to our adventure that’s perfect for all abilities! You’ll take forest trails and tracks to discover Beaujolais and part of the Monts du Lyonnais. This adventure is great for anyone who wants to get a taste for tracks and experience the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. Together with your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS routes sent at the beginning of the trip. You’ll ride between the Beaujolais vineyards and across the dense forests of the Monts du Lyonnais. You can stop for lunch at a restaurant or find some shade by the side of the track and enjoy the food prepared by our chef. As evening falls, expect a well-deserved rest in an exceptional natural setting at our camp. We’ll enjoy delicious local food around the campfire as we watch the sun set. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of sleeping under the stars in comfortable cotton tents heated by wood burners.

From Lyon to the Beaujolais area – 150 km / 40% offroad, 60% tarmac / 6h ride

After a quick meet-and-greet at Baak, you’ll be given your classic trail bikes prepared by Baak. You’ll receive a quick briefing on the rules of off-road riding and set off mid-morning on the fast track to Châtillon, where we’ll start our Beaujolais adventure between vineyards and pine forests. We’ll stop for lunch in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the Monts du Beaujolais views. In the afternoon, we’ll alternate between trails and roads, discovering the forestry plantations that dominate the Azergues Valley until we reach our camp where the team will waiting with a bite to eat.

The Beaujolais throught the hills  – 140 km / 40% offroad, 60% tarmac / 6h ride

After enjoying breakfast under the first rays of sun, we’ll set off on our second day of exploring the region. We’ll spend the day riding between vineyards and forestry plantations on great tracks and picturesque roads, showing you the very best of the Beaujolais wine region. At the end of the day, we’ll go back to camp and our team to spend the evening together and go over the best bits of the day.

From the Beaujolais area to Lyon – 100 km / 50% offroad, 50% tarmac / 4h ride

Ready to make the most of our last day, we head towards the Monts du Lyonnais. We enjoy the last tracks of the Monts du Beaujolais before changing mountain range via Tarare. After lunch, we head towards Lyon and end our adventure at Baak, where we’ll share one last afternoon together and visit the premises.

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From June 13th to 18th, 2022
From June 27th to July 02nd, 2022
From August 29th to September 03rd, 2022


1 035 km (643 miles)
6 days – 5 nights
Riding level: Confirmed
Full board accommodation (and luggage carrying in our support vehicles). English-speaking tour leader


2 990€ ($3.290) per customer (with your motorcycle)
3 980€ ($4.370) per customer (BAAK Interceptor Trail motorbike included)




Exclusive Distributor


On dirt tracks and asphalt roads, discover the Alpes-Maritimes, Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes-Alpes, departing from Nice. This adventure is great if you’re a confident rider and want to discover the joys of off-road riding on your own trail bike or a hire one. Together with your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS routes sent at the beginning of the trip. You’ll ride across southern Alp passes on narrow roads and rocky tracks crossing the Mercantour National Park until Serre-Ponçon Lake. During the day, you will either dine in restaurants selected by the team or enjoy a packed lunch picnic, prepared by our chef, in the countryside. As evening falls, expect a well-deserved rest in exceptional natural settings thanks to our portable campsite. Our private chef will serve delicious meals that we’ll enjoy together around the campfire as we watch the sun set. We’ll sleep under the stars in the comfort of our cotton tents heated by wood burners.

From Nice to Sospel
175 km / 30% offroad, 70% tarmac / 4h ride
RDV at the camping Les Cents Chênes at 9am
After meeting at Les Cent Chênes campsite, Nice, at 9 am, you’ll be given your rental trail bikes prepared by BAAK and be briefed on the rules of off-roading in nature. We set off at 10 am and leave the Niçois hinterland behind us and head for Vésubie Valley to get to grips with our bikes in this new setting on picture-perfect roads made for trail bikes. In the afternoon, we hit our first tracks leaving L’Escarène and arriving in Sospel. We enter Mercantour National Park through Bévéra Valley and discover a typically Mediterranean arid and rocky landscape until we climb the Col de Turini. We end the day on tracks overlooked by L’Authion until we reach our camp just outside the national park.

From Sospel to Ilonse
210 km / 65% offroad, 35% tarmac / 6h30 ride
We leave at the crack of dawn to embark on the longest day of our adventure: 130 miles await. We reach the Col de Brouis via tracks and start our descent into the Roya Valley. Leaving Tende, we join the Road of the Fortresses via small trails until we arrive at Forte Colle Alto late in the morning. Leaving the fortresses behind us, we have lunch in a local Italian restaurant not far from Demonte. Rested and fed, we end our day returning to France via the Santa Anna track to the French-Italian border and the Isola pass. The last stretch proves to be a lot easier as we descend along Tinée River until Ilonse.

From Ilonse to Parpaillon
160 km / 30% offroad, 70% tarmac / 5h ride
We start the third day heading to Pierlas via narrow cliffside roads in the Cians Valley. Around six miles later, we enter the Daluis gorges on steep roads along the Roudoule River. The Daluis gorges carved out in red schist open out onto the 2-km long Var bridge. We climb the gorges by a cliffside road until the legendary Pont de la Mariée and take in the stunning views from its 80 m height. We mount our trail bikes after lunch in Guillaumes and head to the Col de la Cayolle in the heart of the Mercantour surrounded by larch forests. The hardest track of our adventure stands before us: a mighty 950 m ascent via rocky tracks that take us up to the Col de la Bonette, the highest road in Europe at 2,800 m altitude at its highest point. Expect a spectacular 360° view of a wonderful lunar landscape! We go back down to Lauziers via the Route de la Bonette and take a few tracks to end the day at our camp nestled at the foot of the Parpaillon Massif (2,000 m altitude).

From Parpaillon to Aspres sur Buëch
155 km / 40% offroad, 60% tarmac / 5h ride
After a night in the mountains next to a river, we tackle the colossal Col de Parpaillon. Being around 30 miles long and culminating at 2,780 m, this pass is a must-visit spot in the French Alps with its 520 m long tunnel at the top. Skill is needed on the way up and the descent is much smoother on the Hautes-Alpes side. We continue on tracks until we reach Serre-Ponçon Lake for lunch. We can enjoy a rest next to the lake before finishing the day touring some of the villages nestled among Col d’Espréaux’s black peaks. If you want to take your adventure up a notch, in partnership with Alpine Flying School, you can book a microlight in the evening to get a bird’s-eye view of our route.

From Aspres to Buëch to Barrême
180 km / 20% piste – 80% tarmac / 5h ride
Today, we explore the black peaks during a long stretch towards Barrême. This lunar landscape was formed under the sea during the Jurassic period when clay-limestone sediments, also known as marl, were deposited. We continue our route southbound via a track that links Valavoire and Authon along the Col de l’Hysope, which takes us to Digne-les-Bains. We leave the département’s administrative centre behind us and continue on the D20 to the Col de Pierre Basse and Col de Corobin. We ride tracks that climb La Sapet and arrive at our camp by the end of the day.

From Barrême to Nice
155 km / 35% offroad, 65% tarmac / 5h30 ride
We set off mid-morning for our last day of riding. We head directly onto white tracks lined by grasses and thyme bushes all the way up to Thorame. We take our last tracks of the adventure towards Saint-André-les-Bains and onto the Col de Saint-Barnabé. We enjoy an alfresco lunch surrounded by nature at the top of La Bernarde. We end our week-long adventure on windy roads with a spot of wild swimming in Aiglun and Riolan’s natural pools. We return to the Niçois hinterland and Les Cents Chênes campsite, where our adventure ends.

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From 14th to 18th July, 2022


3 days, 4 nights
Niveau : From Beginner to Confirmed


2 100€ ($2.300) per customer, all inclusive





BAAK Aventures (experienced organizer of luxury motorcycle) and Kajarha (experienced on à la carte horseback riding outfitter) are joining forces and know how to concoct an epic 3 days (4 night) journey horseback riding in one of the most preserved French department. La Corrèze is without a doubt one of France’s green jewel, with wild stretches of lands, rolling hills countryside, bushy meadows and dense forests so that you can even compare it to the beautiful states of Wyoming or Montana in the USA. And to experience these amazing landscape what’s better than doing it riding a horse? Choose your mount between the quarter horses, appaloosas or paint horses raised and trained by Betty Jean from the Haras de Sagiran. Confort, safety and well being are the staff’s top priority to insure an unforgettable experience: you’ll ride on confortable Western saddles, strapped on horse with a stable foot and a thorough training so you can enjoy the views safely from lakes to forests and green rolling hills.
At nightfall, after a full day riding, you won’t lay on an inch of foam layer directly on the floor of a camping tent, you’ll enjoy the plush mattress of your luxurious bivouac or lovely countryside Inn.
You’ll enjoy the tasty cuisine of our chef Anne Cecile as she brings the best out of the local produces available.
And to finish here is something very important: Horseback riding is not there to make your journey shorter but longer with elegance!

Thursday 14th:
Your journey begins at the Haras du Sagiran in Saint-Julien-Aux-Bois at 5pm. From you’ll jump in the back of one of vehicle so we drive you to the amazing first bivouac set up with taste by our team in an ideal location. Over the course of this first evening, in the wild but comfortably installed you’ll enjoy around the campfire the star worthy menu designed by our chef Anne Cecile. Relax, enjoy the evening, gazed at the magnificent sky to the sound of country music. As Baudelaire once said, there everything is only luxe, calm and delight!

Friday 15th:
After a good night sleep, sit down at the breakfast table and charge your battery for the first of your adventure, then we’ll drive you back to the ranch to finally meet your hairy travel companion! Betty, Stephane and Hervé are present to make sure your stay is unforgettable and help you pick the best horse based on your riding skills. After you got to know your horse, we’ll break for a quick lunch and then get to ride back to camp for there again a delightful evening fueled by good food, camp fire and live music by our talented guitarist. You can sleep soundly, it’s been forever since a coyote was spotted in Corrèze!

Saturday 16th:
Once again charge your batteries with a good breakfast of your choice as the day will be filled with riding in the peaceful and beautiful landscape even the cowboys in Wyoming want to see! Betty, your guide will lead the way through hidden path and trails in a land she knows like the back of her hand. Snacks and picnic will once again showcase the rich local cuisine. The day will end in a beautiful Inn we’ve selected for your pleasure. Culinary surprises are at the menu I hear!

Sunday 17th:
Luckily for you no coyote has hauled overnight (we have a trick but it’s a well guarded secret…), so it’s well rested that you’ll have breakfast will be ready for this new day. Your horse will be too and will take you from meadows to river crossing and to quiet forests where nature only lives by her rules. By the end of the afternoon you should get to the Ranch for a last evening around the fire and a last taste of Anne Cecile’s cuisine with a very western inspiration.

Monday 18th:
Stay as long as you want at the ranch before closing this parenthesis outside of time where your clock does not matters and returning to your normal life.

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From 25th to 30th July, 2022


1 050 km (650 miles)
6 days, 5 nights
4×4 road-trip
Bivouacs, all inclusive


1 590€ ($1.750) per customer, all inclusive
Free for children under 12
An adventure for friends or family
(only 5 crews)




Discover the French Riviera and her rich countryside starting from the beautiful city of Nice. A true adventure on a 4×4 vehicle you can do with your family or your friends! Guided by your expedition leader, you’ll follow the GPS track given to each crew. You’ll drive the most beautiful mountain passes of the southern Alps though some tortuous and narrow trails all the way to the Serre Ponçon lake. Lunch will either be accommodated in restaurant we chose for their testimony to the local cuisine or our chef will prepare some picnic you’ll enjoy in astonishing spots. When night comes, camp will be set up in breathtaking locations so you can enjoy a delightful camp fire, an exquisite diner and later some rest thanks to the luxurious bedding.

1st Leg:

Nice to Sospel – 110 miles – 30% trails / 70% road – 4h drive time
Meeting at the Les Cents Chenes camping at 9:00 am
Bring your crew and meet the others for a quick briefing to remind you the basics of off road driving. 10am will sound the start of your adventure as you start to head towards the Vésubie  Valley. After lunch, we’ll see our first trail from L’Escarene going up to Sospel. We’ll then enter the Mercantour National Park through the Bévéra Valley and discover a very Mediterranean landscape (dry and mineral) all the way to the Col de Turini (a true landmark of the famous Monte Carlo Rally). The last part of the day will lead us to our Campsite outside of the Mercantour  National Park via the Authion trails.

2nd Leg:

Sospel to Ilonse – 130 miles – 65% trails / 35% road – 6h30 drive time
We’ll leave at dawn for the longest day of the trip with 130 miles. We’ll start by the Col de Brouis and its fantastic track then going down the mountain to the Royal Valley. We’ll then head to the route des Forts from the village of Tende and get to the Forte Colle Alto  by end of the morning. With that in the rearview mirror we’ll have lunch on the Italian side of the border. The afternoon will be spent off roading the Santa Anna trail winding and flirting with the old borders. We’ll appreciate the breathtaking views on top of the Col de la Lombarde before heading down to Ilonse for the night.

3rd Leg:

Ilonse to Parpaillon – 100 miles – 30% trails / 70% road – 5h drive time
We’ll start this 3rd day by driving to Pierlas through the winding road hanging to the cliff of the Cians Valley. Few dozens miles later we’ll reach the Daluis gorge along the Roudoule river. The Daluis gorge have carved in the Schist for thousands of years and we’ll cross the narrow (only 79 inches wide!) Pont du Var  on our way up the gorges to the iconic Pont de la Mariée and the amazing view 260 feet above the river. After our lunch in Guillaumes, we’ll head up to the Col de la Cayolle at the heart of the Mercantour and its fantastic fir and larch forest. From there, we’ll have the pleasure to drive our most difficult trail with more than 3,000 feet of elevation gain in just a few miles of rocky trail leading up to the top of the Col de la Bonette, the highest road in the Alps at 9,200 feet above sea level. You’ll enjoy a 360° view in a moon like landscape. We’ll then drive down to Jausiers (A CORRIGER SUR LA PAGE FRANCAISE) to our bivouac set at 6,500 feet just at the bottom of the Parpaillon.

4th Leg:

Parpaillon to Aspres sur Buech – 95 miles – 40% trails / 60% road – 5h drive time
After this night in high mountain range with our camp set right by a river, we’ll tackle the colossal Col du Parpaillon. 30 miles of road leading to the col at 9,120 feet above sea level, the Parpaillon is one of the most iconic mountain pass in the French Alps and feature a 1,500 feet tunnel just before the top. The climb is the most technical parts so you can relax a little on the way down. We’ll have lunch on the banks of the Serre Ponçon lake. We’ll have some time during the afternoon to relax by the water before heading up to the Col d’Espréaux to finish our daily drive through wiring mountain road and perched villages.

5th Leg:

Aspres sur Buech to Barreme – 20% trails / 80% road – 5h drive time
This 5th day will be spent driving through the Dark Lands to reach Barreme. This dry and arid landscape was once upon a time the bottom of a sea during the Jurassic period, witness of this very distant past you’ll be able to spot what is now known as Marl minerals. As we’re heading south via a fire road between Valavoire and Authon and then later the Col de l’Hysope to Digne Les Bains. After we’ll drive through the county seat, we’ll drive along the D20 through the Col de Pierre Basse and the Col de Corobin before the final trails of the day leading up to the campsite located on top of the Sapet.

6th Leg:

Barreme to Nice – 35% trails / 65% road – 5h30 drive time
After a late morning start for this final day we’ll climb the trails to the Col du Diable wrapping around the top of the Sapet mountain. We’ll then drive though the white trails surrounded by spices trees all the way to Thorame. Then we’ll set our course towards Saint-André-Les-Alpes (A CORRIGER SUR LA PAGE FRANCAISE) to catch the last trails of the journey to the Col de Saint Barnabé. We’ll picnic surrounded by Mother Nature at the bottom of the Bernade mountain before finally heading back to Nice. The last road will be through the beautiful natural swimming pools of Aiglun and Riolan where we’ll get a chance to take a quick dip before returning to the Les cents Chinese camping from which we started and this will be the end of an unforgettable journey.

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Tailor made Road Trips

For an event you organise or are part of, book us for a tailored camp and accommodation service, from 6 people for a single night or longer period.

100% tailor-made

Depending on your needs, mobile or static, we set the camp for the number of nights you have planned, we provide catering for the bivouac, and transport the equipment from one point to another if necessary. Road -Trips in your local area or country possible if you ant to. These offers are complementary and can be booked separately.

Discover the content of our offers!


The top-of-the-range bivouacs are set up and taken down every day if you are roaming. Here is the composition of your tents.

  • Sibley ProTech 400 2 person tent – 130 sq.ft / 12 sq.m – coton canvas
  • Wood stove (firewood provided)
  • Floor mat (waterproof and insulating)
  • Rug
  • XL cot bed with mattress (double available on request)
  • Pyrenex duvet and pillow with 100% coton bedding
  • Fermob Balad lamp
  • Coat hanger
  • Valet Stand
  • Fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxyde detector
  • 2 mobile showers and porta potty for the group
  • Logistic

The food-truck and our Chef anticipates your itinerary and welcomes you upon your arrival, or cooks the dishes for your event.

  • Chef
  • Maitre d’hôtel
  • Mobile cuisine
  • Fermob tables and chairs
  • Fermob lighting
  • Sun Shade or Awnings if necessary
  • Wood Stove
  • A lounge area with wood fire pit (wood included)
  • Deck chairs
  • Generators (fuel provided)

No limits, we takes you everywhere!

  • Everywhere in Europe
  • 2 Land Rover Defender
  • 2 trailers


Bivouac rental price with half-board: 250 € HT
Included: Bivouac, half-board, assembly and disassembly, search for the place, 6 people minimum
Transport price excluding VAT: € 100 + € 1.67 / km from Lyon

For all other requests, please contact us.

Rental conditions

These specific rental condition supplement our Legal Notices as well as our General Terms and Condition.

The customer commit to provide a clear , flat space free of water lines, power lines or gas line with a good composition to anchor the tent and accessible with off road vehicles. Any ground/terrain study is at the charge of the customer.

If any additional lighting is required and non provide by BAAK AVENTURES, the customer must also provided an electric system with a 30mA breaker (for every 4 220V outlets) + 2 water based fire extinguisher + 1 carbon dioxide based frire extinguisher next to the electrical panel. All electric work to be done by the customer.

BAAK AVENTURES is no case responsible for any or full damages to the equipment provided (bivouac, camp, communal space…). In order to comply with the most recent safety regulations, it is forbidden to smoke and use open flamme equipment inside the tents. In case of wind, the tents must remain closed.

Any missing, detonated, broken equipment remains the customer’s charge. It is forbidden to use scotch, duck tape, sticker, pins, staples on the tent’s canvas. Any damages will be invoiced.

No cancellation will be accepted in the last 30 days prior to the rental. Please note that in case of snowfall and storm we cannot set up camp. Any late set up, impossibility to set up or impossibility to access the site will not lead to any compensation.


What did you think about it?


Here are some feedback from Adventurers who lived from the inside the BAAK Aventures road-trips..

We contacted 3 adventurers who participated in the Haute-Provence course. All carried away by the atmosphere of the road-trip for a week behind the wheels of the Royal Enfield Trail, what did they think?

The Café Racer Only team hit the road for the Haute Provence road-trip… 3 authentic days with the watchwords Escape, Freedom and Luxury, read the article and look for all the photos.



How can I book a BAAK Adventure trip on the available dates?

You can book a BAAK Adventure by contacting Romain at or via our partner Vintage rides here:

The available dates do not work for me, is it possible to set up other dates?

Yes, please contact us with your desired dates. A minimum of 6 riders is required for an « À la carte » trip.

Is it possible to create a new route for my friends and I?

Yes, please contact us to start the conversation!

How can I rent a bike?
  • Please notify it during the booking process with our partner Vintage Rides. We will contact you to with the rental agreement.

  • Please let us know when you’re contacting us for an « À la carte » trip.

What is the price to rent a bike?

The BAAK Interceptor Trail can be rented for 165€ per day with a security deposit of 1,800€, this deposit will be refunded 1 week after the end of the trip (just to give our team the time to inspect the bike).

When can I get a trip confirmation?

30 days before the trip departure, we’ll send you a confirmation. We unfortunately have to cancel the Adventure if we have less than 6 riders booked.


Is the tour guided?

The BAAK Adventure are not guided in the sense that you don’t have to follow the wheel of the Expedition leader and you are free to roam. But he won’t be far away to help you if needed!

How can I follow the route?

The GPS track of the route and also the main way points (such as the campsites, the refuel points, the lunchs, nice restaurants…) will be loaded on a GPS devices provided  for the trip.

Can I ride alone? With my friend?

Please do not ride alone, small groups of minimum 2 riders are preferred and you’re more than welcome to ride with friends!

What riding level should I have?

It is of course a plus if you have already have a taste of off road riding: sand, mud, gravel and other loose terrain. But if you are healthy, fit and a seasoned rider on road with no off road experience there is no reason to fail! You might face some challenges along the way but this is part of the Adventure and you’ll become a better rider. The expedition leader will always be there to help, guide and give advice!

I have never been off road, can I have a inroad itinerary?

Please let us know ahead so we can map it out but be advise that you’ll always have to hit the trail at least to access the campsites.

Can I come with my bike?

You absolutely can, if you own a classic trail or a scrambler type of motorcycle. The BAAK interceptor Trail rental is not mandatory, however this bike was designed for these Adventures. We strongly advise against modern trail and adventure bikes (such as BMW GS, Honda African Twin, Yamaha Tenere…) as they are too good and would make your journey too easy and too fast. We designed these adventure so you can slow your life and take your time!

Where do we have lunch?

The routes mixes restaurant and picnic on scenic locations and both types of lunches are included in the price of your adventure.

What about refueling?

You’ll find gas stations on the GPS we provide you for the duration of the trip. You have to take care of refueling and the cost for gas is not included in the price of your adventure

Are the riding gears included?

No they are not. Everybody is different and we think it is better that you come with your the riding gear you feel the most comfortable and are used to ride with.


Do I have to set up the camp every night?

Absolutely not! Our team take care of everything so you only have to focus on riding and creating memories for a lifetime.

Are the tent heated?

Yes they are! If the temperature become chilly, a wood burner will be installed in your tent so you can have the right temperature at night. Theses wood burner have been designed for this exact model of tent and are extremely safe. All our tent are also equipped with carbone monoxyde detectors for the utmost safety.

Do I have to handle the wood burner?

No, our staff will make sure you tent is at the right temperature so you can be cozy and have a great night sleep.

What’s inside the tents?

The tent include 2 cots with luxury mattresses (6’’ thick) and nice rugs.

Do I need to bring my sleeping bag?

No, in addition to the plush mattress, the bedding include Pyrenex duvet and pillows.

How do we eat?

A Chef is part of the support team and has a mobil kitchen to cook delicious meals in the wild.

I have a special diet, allergies… Can you adapt?

Absolutely, please make sure to specify it when booking and we accommodate.

Do I have to shower in the river?

You can if you want to! But we also have a portable shower with hot water. We’ll also provide you biodegradable shampoo and body wash.

What about restroom?

We install porta potty for your convenience.

Can we have camp fire?

If there is restriction in place at the time of the trip, we strongly believe that camp fire are mandatory for any good adventure!

Can I recharge my phone?

Absolutely! Our campsites are equipped with a generator so you can recharge your devices. The BAAK Interceptor Trails also feature a USB port so you can charge on the run your phone, go pro or any other device

What happen if I break something?

We know it can happen and that what the 700€ security deposit is for!