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To feel fully alive and fulfill your desire for adventures, what’s better than taking the road and camping into the wild?

The Lyon’s workshop team guide and escort you on carefully found itineraries and welcome you on delightful accommodations (campsites or hotel) along the way. Trust us and come experience our vision of adventure.

2023 Experiences


For those who want to live a BAAK Experience and live a luxury adventure. A thrilling experience where you’ll re discover the joy of travelling on trails and twisty back roads. An adventure to fully enjoy our hospitality with a travelling bivouac and a private chef for an amazing dinner every night.


September 06th to 10th

Suggest dates for your group of 8 to 10 people


5 days – 4 nights
Full onboard accommodation & luxury bivouac
about 930 km (580 miles)
Nice to Nice (loop): Road and Trails
Intermediate Riders


without rental motorcycle : 2 590 €

with 650 Trail rental : 3 830 €

Request for infobooking


A surprise experience to share with your friends over a ride, a dinner, a drink and more… An experience in Lyon, Paris, Los Angeles…

[More info coming soon!]


Our camps are moved everyday by two Land Rover Defender hauling two trailers, with one of them being our fully equipped mobile kitchen. Everything is set up by our team in peaceful landscapes, between forest and pasture.


The camp consist of 2 person tents with a 130 sq.ft (12 sq.m) living space. They feature two cots with a luxurious set of Pyrenex duvet and pillow.
The tents also feature a wood stove, Fermob lights, a soft rug as well the necessary coat hanger and valet stand for your comfort. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguisher are of course integrated in the tent for the upmost safety.


For your 3 daily meals, you’ll enjoy menus conceived and cooked with local supplies and groceries by our Chef who is part of the traveling team.
Every morning fuel up on energy and nutriment for your riding day around a continental breakfast, grab your light lunch and enjoy wine tasting paired with the best of the local cuisine every night.


The experienced team escorting and guiding you is made of a Chef, a maitre d’hotel, an aide de camp and of course Romain the expedition leader.
Seasoned and experiences with moto trips around the world, Romain and his team are never caught off guard and always react in a calm and positive way to make your trip a blissful experience.

Oh and if you was wondering, yes, we speak English!


The Routes are carefully scouted and selected paths combining road and trail that you can follow with the provided GPS device.
We have composed them like musical pieces with some key moments, some more relaxed, some « chorus » like bits coming back a few time in the day. We have of course favored charming roads and colorful trails so that no matter your experience you can have fun and finish every legs of the journey.

Our Experiences are marketed by the Travel Agency Two Wheels Therapy.


The primary goal of the Baak Aventures is to allow you to slow down for a few days and finally take time to enjoy the journey. And to us it seams that the best way to do so is to get back to the root of motorcycle and pure riding by using a simple bike or a classic bike to do so.

Your bike or our Rides!

You can come with your bike but for our routes only the classic Scrambler or Trail bike are appropriate to enjoy the ride as we intend to or you’ll be done with the day’s path by lunch time and that would be a shame! (We can take care of your bike shipping for an extra cost upon request)
If you want to live the BAAK aventures to the fullest and especially if you live half way across the world, we have a fleet of colorful Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor with a special BAAK Trail treatment.
If you choose this option, the bike will wait for you at the initial meeting point and you’ll just have to leave them with your host at the end of the trip.


What did you think about it?

Here are some feedback from Adventurers who lived from the inside the BAAK Aventures road-trips..

We contacted 3 adventurers who participated in the Haute-Provence course. All carried away by the atmosphere of the road-trip for a week behind the wheels of the Royal Enfield Trail, what did they think?

The Café Racer Only team hit the road for the Haute Provence road-trip… 3 authentic days with the watchwords Escape, Freedom and Luxury, read the article and look for all the photos.


booking & marketing

How can I book a road trip on the scheduled dates?
You can book by contacting us by email or directly on the BAAK or TWT websites.

Who is the creator of BAAK Experiences?
All our experiences are created and imagined by BAAK in our premises.

Who markets BAAK experiences?
Our Experiences are marketed in partnership with Two Wheels Therapy, a travel agency specializing in motorcycle experiences.

Why are BAAK experiences marketed in partnership with TWT?
We joined forces with TWT because the two companies are complementary. We also share the same values, which makes us move in the same direction with harmony and determination.

How are BAAK experiences insured?
Thanks to its title of Travel Agency, Two Wheels Therapy has the capacity and the power to ensure Road-Trips & Adventures.

Which company collects my payment?
Payment for the Experience is made through the Travel Agency: Two Wheels Therapy. It is therefore normal that you receive a payment request and an invoice in the name of TWT.

Who is my interlocutor?
Throughout the booking process, your contact is Romain, the co-founder of BAAK Aventures, who is also your expedition leader on the experiences. After a first contact by e-mail, discussions can be done by e-mail or by phone.

The dates do not suit me, is it possible to organize another experience?
Yes, if you want new dates, contact us so that we can organize a new “à la carte” experience together. A minimum of 8 people is required.

Is it possible to organize a unique route for my friends and me?
Yes, you can contact us so that we can create a bespoke road trip with the destination of your choice and the duration.

How can I book a rental motorbike?
By notifying Romain when you book, he will send you the rental contract by email.

What is the price of renting a motorbike?
The Trail Interceptor BAAK is displayed at 222€/day on Adventures and Road-Trip or 150€/day from our premises.

How many days are necessary to validate a departure?
We validate the experience a maximum of 30 days before departure. If we do not have the necessary number of participants we are obliged to cancel the course (6 people minimum).


What are the different types of experiences?
BAAK offers 7 different experience families:

  • Classic Ride
  • Classic Road-Trip
  • Classic Trail Spring Camp
  • Classic Trail Adventure
  • Ultimate Adventure
  • Tailor Made
  • Event

What are the durations of the different Experiences?

  • Classic Ride: 1 days
  • Classic Road-Trip: 3 to 4 days
  • Classic Trail Spring Camp: 3 days
  • Classic Trail Adventure: 5 to 6 days
  • Ultimate Adventure: 7 days

What are the different levels of Experiences?
Our experiences are divided into 3 levels of difficulty.

  • Level 1: Road experiences only (Classic Ride and Classic Road-Trip) and our Classic Trail Spring Camp, an accessible off-road experience for all levels.
  • Level 2: Classic Trail Adventure, road and tracks routes open to people with the basics of driving on earth and stones.
  • Level 3: The Ultimate Adventure is designed for people who are experienced in off-road and who like to ride long hours all day on the handlebars of motorcycles with character.

What are the service levels of these Experiences?
All of our tracks are entirely created by our team. We carefully select the roads and tracks we take, as well as the bivouac places or the hotels that we choose carefully so that your experience is close to perfection.

Am I accompanied by a guide?
The BAAK Experiences are free courses where Romain, your expedition leader, rides with the group to ensure the day goes smoothly.

Should I carry my luggage on my motorcycle?
No, all luggage is transported daily in one of our two 4×4 vehicles. You find them in the evening at the hotel or at the bivouac.

How to follow the route?
The track of the course as well as the important GPS points (bivouacs, hotels, fuel, restaurants…) are installed on a GPS which is provided to you for the total duration of the course.

Can I ride alone or with friends?
You can leave the main group and ride in a small group (minimum 2 people) and live your own experience with your friends.

I’ve never done off-road or I don’t like it, is it possible to have a road-only course on a Classic Trail Adventure?
Yes, on request. It is always possible to find an alternative, a solution. However access to the bivouacs is necessarily done with a minimum of path.

Can I come with my motorcycle?
Yes! The road courses accept all types of motorcycles in perfect working order and maintained. On the other hand, for Trail Experiences, a classic trail or preferably a scrambler is mandatory. These motorcycles must be in perfect working order, serviced and fitted with mixed tires and a usb socket. Renting a BAAK trail bike is not an obligation, however this bike is perfectly designed for our Experiences.

Where do we have lunch?
During the BAAK Experiences, we have lunch at the restaurant, places that we select for their generous and traditional cuisine. However, it may be on certain days, depending on the dates and location, that we cannot find a restaurant. At that time, our chef prepares a packed lunch for us to have a quiet picnic in the middle of nature. Lunches are included in the sale price.

How is the refueling of the motorcycles?
Service stations are indicated on the GPS, and announced by your expedition leader during the daily briefing before each departure. You have to make your supplies yourself. Fuel is not included in the sale price. On some Experiences, if you’re too lazy to take out your credit card, the service may be optional.

Is the biker’s equipment provided (helmet, gloves, boots, etc.)?
No, you must come with your own equipment. The checklist is provided to you before each departure by email.

under the tent

Should I pitch my tent?
No, the stewardship takes care of the complete installation of the bivouac.

Are the tents heated?
Yes. If the temperature is too low, a wood stove is installed in each tent for the night. Your expedition leader takes care of lighting and management until bedtime. So that you can sleep soundly, we equip the tents with carbon monoxide sensors.

How are the tents equipped?
The tents are equipped with two camp beds (70 cm x 200 cm) combined with 15cm thick mattresses. For additional comfort, 2 mats are fitted to all tents.

Should I take my sleeping bag?
No. The beds are provided with warm Pyrenex duvet, pillow and a set of sheets. If you are very cautious, you can always take it for Adventures at the beginning and end of the season, especially for bivouacs at altitude.

How is the catering going?
A chef is present throughout the trip with our food-truck to prepare meals on site in the middle of nature.

I am on a diet, can I have adapted meals?
Yes, you must notify this when you register so that our chef can create his menus accordingly.

Should I wash in the river?
A shower cabin delivering hot water is installed by the stewardship. Biodegradable soap and shampoo are provided.

Are there toilets?
Yes, a cabin with a dry toilet is installed. Each use is done with a new biodegradable bag. We leave no waste on site.

Can we make campfires?
If the conditions allow it and if there is no prohibition.

Can I recharge my mobile phone?
The bivouacs are equipped with electricity thanks to a lithium battery and a generator. You can therefore recharge your phone in the evening at the bivouac or during the day on your motorcycle, which is equipped with a USB socket.

What happens in the event of damage to the equipment?
As a good gentleman and gentlewoman, each person who damages the equipment will be obliged to pay for the repairs at the end of the experience. Breakage of equipment is not included in the price of the course.

in the hotel

Who takes care of the reservation of the hotel(s)?
All reservations are managed by BAAK and TWT.

What are the hotel classes?
We favor the highest possible classes by keeping a coherent choice of hotels and according to what is available to us in the regions crossed.

Is it possible to book a hotel room before and/or after an experience at the place of departure or arrival?
Yes it is possible, just let Romain know when you register. The price will be communicated to you according to the availability of the hotels and the class requested.

Where do we dine during the Experiences?
Dinners are given at the hotel restaurant and included in the price of the experience.

I am on a diet, can I have adapted meals?
Yes, you must notify this when you register so that we can refer to the hotels.