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7 April 2023

BUILT IT YOURSELF – James’ Triumph Bonneville T120

As a reminder, the Built it Yourself series is all about you, your bike and your stories. We keep an eye on your orders then, when it looks like one of you did a pretty nice job, the team gets in touch with you to ask you several questions… When the story is great, we write an article!
Today, it is all about James’ Bonneville.

About James

It’s quite safe to say that speed is his passion. Anything with an engine gets him going.  Having spent his working life in the motorsport industry, James was lucky enough to race some of the most incredible cars on the planet. Now he is fallen in love with 2 wheels, because it look it is the perfect escape from the stress of everyday life.

According to James, Jersey is such an amazing island to live on. The summer there is perfect for riding with its unique coast roads and hidden country valleys. There is a really strong biker community here and I’m loving being a part of it. Any bikers thinking of visiting would be made to feel very welcome. James can highly recommend it, words.

James discovered BAAK early on in the process and knew from that moment that the brand fitted the style and feel that I wanted to achieve. It was a question of ”when” not ”if”.

The bike

First things first, the idea of having a bike that was unique was a must. James wanted something with modern technology but with a classic style with some history and heritage. The Triumph Bonneville T120 Black was the perfect place to start. Passionate about design and loving being creative it has been to him such an enjoyable experience to have freedom to create something that makes people stop and stare and that is bespoke to him.

“I knew that I wanted to go for the short tail, short exhaust and brown leather look. The mixture of “brat” mixed with “scrambler” style was what I was aiming for and I’m so happy with what I’ve been able to achieve.
I have been blown away by the quality of the workmanship. I’m a firm believer that the devil is in the detail, and I’ve been amazed by all of the little design elements that make the products such a joy to ride. For those that haven’t heard it in the flesh, the exhaust note is incredible and sends shivers down my spine every time I press the ignition switch or open the throttle.”

It total it has been about 2 years to reveal the build. James did not hesitate to find a local bike builder on the island to help me with the project (Steve Burt, it looks like you are the hidden hero of the story!).

Next step?

James will be returning to racing this year in the UK, looking forward to taking his 3 kids on that journey with me. He has been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places durning my racing career, felt in love with Japan and the people there, the thought of exploring the country top to bottom on 2 wheels really excites him. It look like it is definitely on his To-do list.

Thank you James for your pictures, and for making such a great bike!


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