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7 August 2020

An exceptional Triumph Bonneville T100 for a demanding collector

It’s under a burning sun, behind the wheel of a compact english roadster that Franck arrives to discover for the first time his bike. Our team just finished the last details and she now seats in the middle of the showroom waiting for its new owner.

It’s with 4 wheels that Franck’s passion for everything with an engine started. After starting a collection of exceptional cars, he decided to discover new sensations with only 2 wheels this time.

For this project Franck quite naturally decided to trust BAAK to build him a bike as he imagined it. An exceptional bike, with a lot of attention for details and finishing touches providing as much pleasure to the eye than riding.

The specifications were clear, Franck wanted a bike he could drive with his A2 license and it should go along his car collection’s moto: timelessness, elegance and sensations.

The project started as a Triumph T100 with the idea to make it a Dandy Bonnie. The program includes (but is not limited to): replacing as much plastic as possible with more flattering and noble materials, a strict visual diet on the handlebar and cockpit area, modifications on the frame, suspension, body and wheels to make the bike look more compact and dynamic, a shorter, lighter and more aggressive exhaust… Some great ideas to make this bike timeless and even more classy as Franck selected brushed metal for most of the details.

The end result is very british and faithful to Triumph’s history. The key word “timelessness” is respected and it is hard for the untrained eye to tell with precision when this bike was done as we’ve followed the 60’s Triumph’s code up to the Lucas P700 headlight or the vintage (looking) Avon tires.

Enough talk, let’s ride this Dandy Bonnie and see how she handles the road. Even though it is not the first Dandy Bonnie to roll out of the workshop, we take the same care making and testing each and everyone of the bike we work on prior to its delivery. Today we head to the Basilique de Fourviere overlooking Lyon. We fight the urge to stop at this vista point since it only been 5 min we left the shop then descent toward the Vieux Lyon confirms that the brake and suspensions work very well on this bike. On the old pavement and inclination change in this old part of town the bike gives great feedback to the rider and feels very safe. After a quick city ride enjoying every throttle twist and the accompanying exhaust note we stop at a Café on the Saone banks. As we enjoy our lemonade we take the time to gaze at the bike, and we are not the only ones! Summer being a very touristic season here, the city is packed and hundreds of eyes looked at the bike. We could say the challenge is completed!

Today, July 29th, a very “free” and gnarly sound rings out on the parking lot, as we take a look by the window, Franck appears in his Caterham Seven. Like his new bike, the Caterham is an abstract of Classic British style. A great aluminum work, tiny mudguards, minimalist dashboard. Elegance and simplicity. Perfectly in line with the Dandy Bonnie he has just discovered and that he’ll take back to this garage in a few days.
Take Care Franck.