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24 August 2019

Father & son under the charm of BAAK’s Triumphs

Boris wanted to offer the prefect gift to his son Arthur : his first motorcycle. He couldn’t resist to also purchase an exceptional machine from BAAK so they both get a motorcycle built by our team.

Sharing his passion for exceptional vehicles with his children is a pleasure. It’s even more pleasant when father and son share the same taste for the aesthetic designed by a team of craftsmen called BAAK. It was the case for Boris and his son Arthur. When Boris visited us for the first time, he fell in love with our Triumph Bonneville T120 Bobber Full Black (that you may already know about), and acquired the n°2/10 of this limited series. After Arthur dealt with us so we can build his first motorcycle ever, we decided to create a new model that matches his spirit and provides the riding pleasure he expected from such a machine.

Half-way between a Tracker and a Scrambler, Arthur’s Triumph Bonneville T100 is definitely a multi-purpose motorcycle. A classic looking machine, that could take him both on the road and off road thank to a limited weight and an upgraded tires setup. The mix of brown leather and polished / brushed textured gas tank create a very elegant result.

PARTS I Discover the parts designed and manufactured by our team to build Arthur's Triumph Bonneville T100