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27 July 2020

Philippe’s Triumph T100 Dandy Bonnie

As we write these lines, Philippe got his motorcycle driving license a few days ago and we’ve just delivered his freshly customized Dandy Bonnie based on a Triumph Bonneville T100. This is the story of a man with no time to lose…

Philippe’s project was born by a simple visit of our workshop.  He drove across France from Le Have his hometown with the certitude to start a daring project with us. Before his 10h drive to Lyon he fell in love with the Dandy Bonnie, however this series could only have a T120 for base. And the T120 does not comply with French regulations for new riders, therefore we decide to build for Philippe the first ever T100 Dandy Bonnie. 

Philippe’s specifications was quite simple, he wanted his bike to be chic, rewarding, with a timeless aesthetic and with fun riding sensation (within the legal speed limits!). He was therefore in the right, the Dandy Bonnie is a great pick fitting all the boxes in his spec.

 For a first bike, Philippe decided to go down the perfect road: no compromises! In addition to the specific parts that makes it a Dandy, his Bonnie features all the latest and greatest innovation we’ve developed: minimal cockpit with our controls and levers, handmade aluminum side panels, front mudguard with custom bracket, flat triple tree offering the perfect view our signature speedo integrated directly in the headlight (you can find the list of all parts used on this build at the end of this article).


The deep blue paint job done in house by our talented painter Nicolas enhance this build and wouldn’t be complete without the very chic white stripe going around the tank.  When exposed to the sunlight the pearl blue reveal some very interesting sparkle almost sparkly !

The sand colored leather elements (saddle, fork gaiter…) brings the finishing touches to a unique build.

This bike needed to be pleasant to look at but also to ride, and we’ve work extensively and fitted a long list of parts to achieve that goal.

As usual we’ve work with Shock Factory and selected a pair of short Big Body shock dialed to Philippe’s weight and riding style, we’ve also fitted one of our BAAK handlebar with a strong back sweep for a more relax riding position, a pair of aluminum wheels completed the work and reduced the unsprung weight.

As per all our builds, this project couldn’t be a true BAAK without the proper sound track. The original bulky and long, sausage like silencers are replaced by a stainless steal and aluminum exhaust system developed in house. It gives this bike a discreet but deep and raw tone.

After long weeks of work on Philippe’s bike, we’re headed to the winding road just around the corner from our workshop to make sure everything is dialed in and ready for its new owner. And by the number of smiles and thumbs up raised it seems the work was properly done.

Once out of the city, the first few curves confirmed one thing: this Dandy Bonnie has a strong character! Don’t be fooled by the vintage style of the tires, the ride is fantastic and safe. She brakes hard when you need and is very easy to place on the line you’ve chosen thanks to the wide bar. It is 35°C out there but we couldn’t resist the urge to improvise a photoshoot before we hand Philippe the keys of his new toy !

Enjoy and be Safe Buddy !