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27 May 2020

The Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Street Tracker, the perfect urban toy for Xavier

Some weeks of job at the workshop were necessary to transform this Royal Enfield into a Street Tracker with a strong look, and provide Xavier the motorcycle of his dream.

Once through the entrance door of his local Royal Enfield dealer, Xavier came accross the Interceptor 650 for the first time. A tiny neo-retro roadster he immediately fell in love with. The Interceptor mixes british roots with a certain idea of Californian coolness. Right after his first ride on the motorcycle, Xavier new he wanted more. He aimed at putting an accent on the “toy for grown men” aspect of the machine, so he entrusted BAAK craftsmen to build his first custom motorcycle.

Even if we had a white-card for this project, we immediately had a precise idea of how we wanted this Royal Enfield to look like to be enjoyed by his owner : a Street Tracker. An urban ride, that is easy to handle, intuitive, lightweight, with a really cleared line.

After a few weeks in the hands of BAAK’s craftsmen, it was ready for his first test ride. Engine On. Engaging first gear. GO. This Royal Enfield Street Tracker doesn’t really mess with my reference points : a wide handlebar with a strong swipe to the rider and a relaxed riding position, a low seating that makes you confident, a chassis making any curve super-easy, and a sound you can’t get rid of (so much that I kept playing with the gearbox to enjoy every full throttle session)… I feel like I’m on my 15 years old Street Tracker Bonneville again, but with a Royal Enfield logo on the oil pan.

After a terrific ride on Xavier’s machine, it’s time to head back to the workshop, and enjoy the perfect lightning provided by paint booth to bring out the lines of this build in front of the camera. The short leather seat, the discreet mudguards, the cleared cockpit, the short exhaust system… Everything makes this Royal Enfield Interceptor look compact and purified, while keeping BAAK’s elegance. The sky blue painting made by Nicolas perfects the “toy” aspect of the motorcycle and made a good impression on our showroom’s visitors before Xavier came and pick up his motorcycle.

Just like Xavier, you want BAAK to build a custom motorcycle for you ? Please view the list of our models, and feel free to contact our team to talk about your project.