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10 June 2020

Triumph 1200 Bobber Moon | The Uncompromising Bobber

The BAAK team presents Moon, its vision of the Triumph 1200 Bobber. A genuine and authentic bike, with an assertive style and new riding sensations.

In 2017, Triumph introduced the Bonneville Bobber, a single seater powered by a 1200cc twin and a daring design. We immediately fell in with this philosophy and decided to push the concept even further by creating our own uncompromising version.


The bike presented here was supposed to be our R&D lab for the development of new parts and products. As time went by, we decided to go even further in our choices while staying faithful to the BAAK DNA and the initial sketches of the project. We ended up pushing our boundaries and getting out of our comfort zone with this project.


We wanted to go back to the roots of the true American Bobbers: a low and minimal bike, with a springer fork and stripped of the unnecessary features. There a motto came to us: make no compromise.
Once the Moon wheels and the Springer fork were selected in our suppliers’ catalog we still had to make them fit the Bobber. During this phase we designed and prototyped the new upper and lower triple trees, a redesigned steering stem, as well as the front axle and the bracketery to adapt the OEM brake system to the Moon wheels. This bike is also the first to use our new plug & play speedo dedicated to the Triumph’s Heritage line.


Behind the BAAK handlebar, the eye is immediately attracted forward to the majestic springs of the fork and the tiny speedometer. Despite its size it provides all the necessary information: speed, fuel gauge, tripometer, warning lights, riding modes, ABS and traction control…


One of our goal was to have the purest cockpit possible, we therefore used a set of our machined aluminum controls. We’ve also designed a brand new system to get ride of the bulky ride by wire throttle housing by relocating it under the tank and connecting it to the rider hand via a more traditional cable.
When seated on the bike, just lean right to turn the ignition key (relocated below the fuel tank) and press the start button on the bar, the gnarly British twin come to life. The stainless steel header and aluminum mufflers wake up the wild side of the Bobber.


First gear,


The balance and stability of this bike almost makes you forget the speed limit. This bike is surprisingly easy to ride despite the apparent added weight of the fork and wheels. All the work done by Triumph on the bobber’s chassis offered us a great starting point. We only had to dialed the right settings to find the perfect balance between riding sensation, safety and efficiency.
While this Bobber Moon was still a work in process and our R&D lab, Laurent visited the workshop and fell in love. He immediately decided to make this bobber HIS bike (before it was even finished!). As we write theses lines Laurent only received the completed bike 3 days ago but he already confirmed we did a great job and the final product is faithful to our initial ideas on what we wanted the rider to feel.


Few weeks after Laurent, another visitor of our workshop (located in Lyon, France) Serge was also seduced by the Bobber he was seeing on the lift. The bike was a few stages more evolved than what Laurent saw weeks earlier and Serge decided to order one as well.


And to us, this one of the perks to be able to visit our workshop: you can see our craftsmen and women at work and talk with them, be a witness of the whole process from new parts’ design, to the assembly of the commissioned bikes, and perhaps design and order your very own custom bike!