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In this configuration, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is the most chic of our creations in our opinion. This machine built for Emmanuel gets a clearly timeless look.

We met Emmanuel more than one year and 1/2 ago, our Bonneville Classic was already in his mind for this custom project. We made our first Classic back in 2014, and he fell in love with this. Emmanuel was very attached to his current Triumph, so we worked in collaboration with him to offer a second life while keeping this timeless aesthetic.

The goal for this project was to make a neophyte unable to tell during which decade this motorcycle was built. His long front mudguard, its white wall tires, its seat with classic ribs and the curves of its paintings give it a very soft shapes. Our team did its best to manufacture the parts that would radically transform the build’s look : the riding post is visually lightened, a classic speedometer is inserted in the lighthouse, the handlebar clamps hold the wide BAAK N°1 handlebars, then the view on the road remain clear so the rider could enjoy every moment of his ride.

White wall tires are used on this Triumph Bonneville T100

Many parts get a brushed finished texture

The classic headlight is inserted in the lighthouse

Brushed original oil pan

The headlight is held by machined aluminium brackets

The leather seat highly transforms the rear end of the bike

Emmanuel's Triumph Bonneville shot at BAAK's showroom in Lyon

Monza gas tank cap

The riding post is highly visually lightened

Short rear mudguard for Triumph Bonneville T100 air-cooled

The gas tank painting gets a classic finish

The off road exhaust gets a brushed finish

The front fender is long and classic