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6 February 2023

350 Classic BAAK x Royal Enfield

Commissioned directly by Royal Enfield, this Classic 350 presents BAAK’s vision through the work of the bespoke department for this One-off.

During the summer of 2022 (from June 29th to July 3rd), Royal Enfield Europe was one of the main exhibitors at the Wheels and Wave in Biarritz (France). They chose BAAK in Lyon to build a show bike based on the new (at the time) Classic 350. The brief from Royal Enfield was simple, BAAK was to create an ultra-classical (almost vintage) version of the bike. The first step was to make the bike less bourgeois and make more of a daily rambler with the recipe dear to BAAK based on the use of leather (seats and bags) and raw metal (aluminum and stainless).

Without further ado, Remi Reguin, the founder of BAAK got to work directly on the bike. The cockpit has been simplified with a smaller gauge, and the Scrambler handlebar is now higher for better handling, especially when riding standing up on the trails. The two-part seat wrapped in BAAK leather is incredibly versatile, no matter where you ride this 350, whether it is around your countryside house or in town to run errands with your significant other. The factory buttons, controls, and shocks were kept as these parts were nicely manufactured from the start by Royal Enfield. This thin and elegant build is also practical with the leather bags and the small leather tool pouch on the side of the bike. This study’s whole point was to find the right balance between efficacy and beauty.

This collaboration really highlights the step up in the build quality of the Royal Enfield motorcycle and the vision of a workshop specialized in backdating with a very classical and practical vision. This one-off combines simplicity and timeless beauty.

350 Classic BAAK x Royal Enfield