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16 September 2021

BAAK Aventures at the Aces Experiences

What an adventure the Aces Experiences are! It’s simple: friends, trail runs during the day, a bivouac and BBQ in the heart of the festival at nightfall, resting in tents heated by the stove… BAAK Aventures is definitely an experience to be lived in group.

Ingredient n°1: the Aces Experiences

But what are the Aces ? It’s an experience that takes you to the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes park. Their motto is “Ride & Friends”, from there, no doubt about the essence of this vibrant festival, this rallying point of friends who ride for three days on the roads of Auvergne, from the Puy de Sancy to the Puy Mary through the lake of Guéry, by motorcycle. The Aces camp proposes animations, tests, concerts at the edge of a private lake, near Murol. All the visitors of the festival create the effervescence of the moment, on the roads during the day and around the barbecues which pullulate the evening.

The Aces Expériences is the September event to book in your calendar, it’s the experience generator and the nerve center of Auvergne for a long weekend, where BAAK Aventures goes even further.

Ingredient n°2: BAAK Aventures

The camp was composed of 12m2 tents for 2 people, equipped with two cots with mattresses and pillows, all heated by a wood stove for superior comfort. During the Aces Experiences, the BBQ was in the spotlight and the guests were invited to meet around the fire, in the heart of the activity, the music of the concerts never far away…

During the day, the camp gave way to a semi-trail course concocted by the BAAK Aventures team, mixing Auvergne roads and off-road tracks. Conceived as a unique moment, this course will be proposed every year, just like the bivouac in the festival.

Mixing the two…

What happens when you mix the two? Possibly an alchemy, most certainly a memory machine. From the moment you arrive at the festival, you are immersed in the spirit of camaraderie where friends meet. In the midst of this activity is the BAAK Adventures camp. Open to the rest of the Aces, you pass by and sit around the Fermob furniture. After the first night, a continental breakfast is served and you will get ready to ride 200 kilometers between roads and tracks, between panoramas in the sun and forests in the cool… The rhythm during the trip is relaxed, the goal is to have fun.

Back to the camp, we cut the engines and we mix with the rest of the festival-goers, we stroll on the stands, we listen to the concert, we discover the novelties, we take our time… to come back at nightfall, called and guided by the barbecue which prepares itself, by the campfire which was lit.

The evening unfolds, the camp calms down, the embers are still hot but you return to your tent, tired of your day. But it’s a good tiredness.