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20 June 2023

In praise of materials: Brushed Metal

At BAAK, brushed metal is used to create unique, personalized pieces that reflect the history and personality of each vehicle. If you’re looking to give your car or motorcycle a touch of character, brushed metal is the ideal choice.

Brushed metal at BAAK: the finish that stands the test of time

For motorcycles and automotive, paint has a dual purpose: to decorate and protect the vehicle. At BAAK, our craftsmen work with varnished brushed metal, which has a triple advantage: aesthetic, functional and original. It’s a durable material that’s ideal for interior and exterior parts.
This raw, authentic finish blends easily with all colors and styles, and adds a touch of character to the vehicle.

 You like sobriety and you’re hesitating about the color of your vehicle?
Will you be inspired?

More Détails

On top of the bodywork, brushed metal is used for accessories such as the headlight, handlebars, exhaust pipe, fuel tank and mudguards, for a functional and aesthetic result.

In this life, synthetic surrounds us far too much, my approach is to showcase metal rather than industrial plastic.” – Rémi Reguin, Founder


Baak to the future !

You’re probably familiar with the Delorean DMC-12, the iconic model. Its unique futuristic design can be seen in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Designed in the ’80s, this car marked its era with its avant-garde styling and technical innovations. Even today, with its brushed metal and aerodynamic appearance, the DeLorean is a real eye-catcher.


Have you heard of its limited-edition, gold-plated version?

For Christmas 1980, American Express launched a campaign to sell 24-carat, gold-plated DeLorean DMC-12s to their Gold card customers.

“The DeLorean glides into the future with a grace and authority rarely seen…A golden opportunity!

The plating is added to the Delorean from exterior to interior with a smooth, uniform finish.A touch of luxury that gives the car an unrivalled shine and sets it apart from all others, making it a unique and rare collector’s item… Only two cars were sold.

The DMC-12 VIN “4300” Gold-plated at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.

Can you imagine a gold-plated BAAK?
The future is yours.