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4 January 2022

Sidecar Alliance II: between shadow and light

Alliance II is the second side car to come out of BAAK’s workshop, this time the result is a more raw vision contrasting with a more sophisticated first iteration. Paired to a Triumph T120, Alliance II is an ode to the raw materials and simple pleasure of riding. Inspired by the Streamline Modern era, the elegant mix of metal and leather reveals beautiful and aerodynamic shapes wrapped in a subtil blend of greys.

Craftsmanship, foundation of creation.

The design, the details, the finishes of this outfit were developed and created in BAAK’s workshop in Lyon. This one off creation has involved all of our departments. The metal shaper created from scratch a unique aluminum skin with a gas tank and a rear fairing with very organic lines providing the perfect field for the light and shadow to play as the bike roams around twisty road along the sun path. Our experienced painter chose a satin finish to compliment and celebrate the shapes and contrast of the metal work. The cockpit was stripped down and refined for a lighter feel, the plate behind the Bates headlight with integrated gauge was also hand shaped and received the same satin finish to fit in with the rest of the metal panels. On the rear of the bike, the license plate is relocated on the left side to let the fairing be the star and display the 1930’s inspired curves and lines.

A nice alchemy.

A classic side car but with a modern handling: designed and produced by Precision Side-cars a legendary French manufacturer, this “Gran’Large” model is particularly convenient with the 70L trunk space! The side car also features a shock for improved comfort and ride quality for the passengers. The third wheel also get a brake to make sure that the added weight does not affect the performances of the bike’s braking abilities. The entire side car was carefully hand brushed by our craftsmen and 2 polished stripes were carefully added to compliment the gorgeous shapes inspired by the Streamline aesthetics codes. The black painted stripe bring a bit of contrast among the large metal area throughout the rig and points toward the next destination. The team working the leather designed a simple yet elegant upholstery: a beautiful black leather wrap the entire passenger compartment, the classic stitching keeps the very linear theme going. A pocket on your right side allow you to sore some precious belonging close to you and the seat belt is here to make you feel safe allowing you to enjoy the ride and admire the landscape passing by. An Alpaga tonneau cover finalize the upholstery for those time when no passenger seats in the side car.

The aesthetically choices and the overall harmony make the Alliance II a unique creation.
A side car ripping through the air thanks to an Art Deco design, with modern performances and features stirring your senses and those of your passenger. An invitation to travel all year round.

Side-car Alliance II

This is a one off sidecar and it could be your.
Contact Frédéric to get more info or Laura if you request is about the American market.


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