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SPECIFIC TECHNICAL FEATURES OF THE MODEL: Triumph Bonneville air (2000 – 2016). These details will help you check wether BAAK parts are suitable for your motorcycle. 

The air-cooled Triumph Bonneville was (re)launched by Triumph Motorcycles in 2000 and manufactured until 2016, it corresponds to the Classic line of the British manufacturer. It was first introduced with a 800cm3 carburetor engine, and then a 865cm3 engine until 2006. Then it’s turn into an electronic injection (EFI) from 2006 to 2016 when it was replaced by the new liquid-cooled version of the Bonneville. Many limited series of this bike were offered (Live Fast, Steve Mc Queen, SE, Newchurch…).

  • HANDLEBARS: The 800cm3 and T100 (865cm3) models have Ø25,4mm diameter handlebars, the Newchurch and SE models have Ø22mm handlebars. A full long cables kit is available for these models.
  • SPEEDOMETERS: All the carburetor models are equipped with mechanical speedometers. The injection (EFI) models have mechanical (cable to the front wheel hub) speedometers until 2009, and then electronical speedometers until 2016.
  • WHEELS: The original spoked wheels of the 800cm3 and T100 models are: Front 19′ / Rear. 17′. The original cast wheels of the SE (A1) and Newchurch models are: Front 17′ / Rear 17′.
  • TURN INDICATORS: The original indicators provide 21W of power. It’s necessary to use Turn indicators resistors to mount 10W blinkers on these motorcycles.
  • SHOCK ABSORBERS: The original shock absorbers of the Bonneville are 340mm long.