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SPECIFIC TECHNICAL FEATURES OF THE MODEL: Triumph Thruxton air (2004 – 2016). These details will help you check wether BAAK parts are suitable for your motorcycle. 

The air-cooled Triumph Thruxton was (re)launched by Triumph in 2004 and manufactured until 2016, it corresponds to the Classic line of the British manufacturer. It first came with a 865cm3 carburetors engine, and then was turned to electronic injection (EFI) in 2016 until 2016, the year when it was replaced by the new generation liquid-cooled Triumph Thruxton 1200. Several limited series of the Thruxton were produced (Ace Cafe, Special Edition).

  • HANDLEBARS: The carburetors versions of the Thruxton (2004-2006) have Ø22mm clip-ons handlebars, no cables kits is available for those models. All the injection (EFI) models of the Thruxton (2006-2016) have Ø25,4mm diameter handlebars and controls for which a complete Long cables kit is available.
  • SPEEDOMETERS: The carburetors models are equipped with mechanical speedometers (cable to the front wheel hub). The EFI (injection) models have mechanic speedometers (cable to the front wheels hub) until 2009, and then it turned to electronic speedometers until 2016.
  • WHEELS: The original wheels are the following size: Front 18′ / Rear 17′.
  • TURN INDICATORS: The original turn indicators provide 21W of power. It’s necessary to use Resistors to put 10W blinkers on these motorcycles.
  • SHOCK ABSORBERS: All the Triumph Thruxton models have original 360mm long shock absorbers.