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15 September 2017

Brutal and elegant, BAAK introduces Stéphane’s BMW NineT

For that project, Stéphane chose to go for the BMW NineT Scrambler as it offers all the features of an efficient and elegant neo-retro motorcycle. Except for a few key details we improved at our workshop.

Stéphane brought his bike at the beginning of the summer, with the hope to get in back and fully transformed in September. He gave us carte blanche for that creation, as he was truly confident in our way to transform motorcycles. We spent hours talking about his project to define its style : Brutality and elegance. A mix of styles, not easy to deal with…

Our team took advantages of this project to develop some parts of the BMW NineT specific design range of parts that will be featured at BAAK’s in early 2018. Among these parts you will find the mudguards and side covers assembled on this Nine T. We will also provide leather parts (seats and bags), headlight, exhaust lines, valve covers…  These part will be introduced during an event at our workshop at the beginning of next year.