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12 December 2017

Sixties trial inspiration for this Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield we built for Nicolas is a very exclusive version of the Classic 500 EFI, with the smell of sixties trial machines regarding its look and the feelings it provides. We named it Trial 1960 as fifty years after its elders, it makes the British brand still alive while using its original codes.

By entrusting his project to our workshop, Nicolas aimed at meeting again the feelings of the motorcycles with which ones he learned riding off road. However, he also wanted to get a bike that could be daily ridden while pleasant when going off road. The Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFI looked like the perfect work base, because of its long-run mono-cylinder, its classical design and its easy handling. Nicolas is a friend of us since long time, we particularly shared a few road trips with him, so we knew perfectly how to manage a project that would perfectly fit his mind. Once all the visually heavy parts were removed, we used noble material like aluminium and leather to manufacture new parts and offer this build an authentic manufacturing quality.

This motorcycle was really lightened and gets a trial style riding position, the perfect balance to provide as much pleasure as possible. Nicolas had his first ride on his new bike during a vintage trial session with our team in the woods near from our workshop. According to the smile on his face after a few hours of playing around the trees, the child inside of him finally woke up. This build was featured on PipeBurn.com.

PARTS I To build Nicolas's Royal Enfield Classic 500 trial version, we selected these accessories