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9 December 2021

Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon – Queen of the night.

Being yourself, it is also knowing when to be bold and audacious. It is with these 2 words in mind that we created this Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon. The tailoring is complete, the roar and the dark blue paint are deep. It belongs with a strong personality, somebody who knows the best time is now.

City lights.

Showroom bike and now available for sale, this 1200 Moon will be your urban queen of the night. Think about it for a second: mesmerized by the lights of the city, the pavement still wet from the afternoon rain reflecting the glistening light of the traffic lights, the Moon takes off fast as the green light appears. You look far ahead, twist the throttle and enjoy the ride intriguing the people in the street. They probably have never seen anything like the Moon. The deep roar of this exceptional 1200cc engine is charismatic and hypnotic, melodic and elegant. This Bobber, your Bobber is the best companion for an impromptu getaway, your partner in crime. She is a lot like you: both elegant and strong.

Listen to the BAAK exhaust fitted on a Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon.

Well balanced between discretion and presence.

We call this Triumph Bobber 1200 Moon because of the absolutely mesmerizing gloss black wheels that reflects the light is various shapes in the ways of our beautiful natural satellite appears to us nights after nights. Beyond the power and torque of this great engine, we especially appreciate how easy it can be. As usual with BAAK’s creations, details all around the bike reveal the true personality of this bike. A subtle mix between discretion and presence with a continuous game of opposition: the dark wheels and the brushed exhaust, the deep blue paint and iconic black springer fork, the compact headlight and the wide handlebar. Only you will appreciate this piece of art to its right value.

Balanced, this Bobber was carefully handcrafted to be appreciated on the road. Come discover this Bobber 1200 Moon at our HQ in Lyon and leave behind the handlebar of this beauty.

Get yourself to the emotion that emanates from this Bobber 1200 Moon. Solid rims, prepped Springer fork, upturned black leather saddle, deep paint, Bobber exhaust, belt drive, sleek cockpit, it’s up to you to roam the city, up to you to resonate the warm tones of the exhaust against the buildings!