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2 November 2020

BAAK Collector | Our limited silkscreened t-shirts

Our team has the full capacity for offering new limited series of our Wardrobe pieces every month. Discover our BAAK Collector t-shirts, designed and printed by our craftsmen at the workshop.

At BAAK’s, we’ve been designing and silkscreening our t-shirts for a long time for local events. These creations are a testimony of our mindset at one moment, so it’s offered in limited series. YOU encouraged us to keep putting our ideas on such t-shirts, so today we’re proud to introduce BAAK Collector :

Every month, our craftsmen will create a new design. We chose a pre-order system in order to adjust the quantities produced and zero-waste. Our silkscreened tee-shirts will be shipped twice a month. Available in limited series, it’s the opportunity to acquire a piece that will never be manufactured again.

BAAK Collector N°1     BAAK Collector N°2

What is silkscreen printing ?

Silkscreen is a popular printing technique that consists in placing a screen between the ink and the support. First, we create a design in line with our graphic universe. This design is then materialized on a polyamide screen (which used to be silk screen) mounted on an aluminium frame. Then the t-shirt is set up flat and the screen is placed on the t-shirt. Now we can apply the ink on the screen, it will be applied on the shirt. Then we simply have to dry the ink, and your t-shirt is ready!

We use this traditional technique, but most people us more modern printing techniques nowadays. It lets us have a full autonomy on our Collector models creation and silkscreen any support that is flat.