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30 June 2022

Is Antoine’s La Machine the best bike for the Alpes?

Antoine is from Grenoble and re discover his region everyday at the helm of his new BAAK. After careful thinking about it, he came to the shop to get our help create it.

Time takes care of things

It’s around his hometown of Grenoble that Antoine discovers the joy of motorcycle riding with his father. He then started to do some Trials in the back country trails and with a playground like the French Alps you can only discover amazing landscape while doing it. For his 40th, his wife decided to gift him a BAAK bike as it is fro Antoine the ultimate symbol of freedom and also a dream for many years.

In order to ride the exact bike he dreamt of, Antoine really spend the time to think about every details so it can be a timeless and carefully crafted piece and of course a unique motorcycle.

From the drawing table to the workshop

“Entering BAAK’s workshop is like entering a candy shop… Every bike has its own character, personality and differences but always with a precise execution.”

Antoine especially like the ability to come in to our workshop in Lyon and sit down with the team that would build his bike, to make sure his vision would be carried out to reality faithfully.

Here at BAAK we’re trying to accommodate everybody. For those who don’t like to wait we have a selection of bike available for delivery right now (our showroom bikes in Lyon and Los Angeles) and for the more patient one -like Antoine- who creates their dream bike with specific ideas in mind. For Antoine the choice was a La Machine and from that the tailoring could start.


Step by step

After test riding both a T100 and a T120 to understand and feel the differences between these two great bikes Antoine favored a T120 for the added power and torque. And since his playground is mainly composed by the Alps and he also intend to share some rides with his wife as a pillion we cannot agree more that the T120 is the ideal base for this project.

The short seat kit allows to reduce the length of the seat, changing the proportions of the bike for with a more elegant leather seat still allowing for two up riding. Paired with the lowering kit and the new set of wheels wrapped in Continental K112 the whole package makes for a bike with a strong yet elegant character, a true La Machine. When it comes to color, Satin Black was Antoine’s choice to compliment the brushed accent like on the Bobber exhaust that provide a deep exhaust note.

Listen to the sound of the BAAK exhausts

Always designed and manufactured in our workshop, the collectors are in stainless steel and the silencers in aluminium. This line distills a deep sound, without resonance.

To the Alps!

We delivered this bike a few weeks ago and our Grenoblois (this how you call the people living in Grenoble) has logged few hundreds kilometers as he rides his La Machine at least once a week and sometimes daily! He also took his new bikes on his favorite rides in the Alps and already cleared some Col in the Chartreuse mountains and around the Vercors plateau. His next mountain ride is already in the agenda and will take in the Rosalend dam!

Antoine loves hanging out with his friends, Street Art, exploring the mountains and playing tennis. If you share at least one thing with him, you have no excuse! Contact us!

La Machine includes all the ennovation designed by our team to give authenticity and character back to the Bonneville T120. It’s in line with a classic aesthetic and focuses on the feelings provided to his rider, in terms of sound, handling, and feeling of riding an exceptional vehicle.