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Somedays, one meeting shakes up your project. Since long time, we wanted to share our universe through video with you. This is this meeting with Aurelien Baud that enables us to realize this project. 

Our daily job is to design and manufacture unique motorcycles, and to enable everybody to transform his bike with high quality parts. The visual retranscription of this activity  may not be entrusted to anybody, as it could not be true to our reality and our workshop’s atmosphere. That’s the reason why we chose Aurélien and his company Panorama STD to create this movie we hope you’ll enjoy.


This movie will introduce you to the place at which one we realize our creations. We’ll make you discover the roads we are used to testing our bikes on, and the roads we love to ride as often as we can. Behind this movie, there are many ours of shooting, long and cold countryside rides, never-ending rush viewing sessions, failed interviews… We hope this movie will make you want to take care about your motorcycle and to ride it, no matter what the weather forecast and conditions are.