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Mini BAAK Motocyclettes France

GQ Magazine France regularly provides automotive extras to his readers. For the 103th issue of the magazine, GQ featured our first automobile backdating project. 

The september 2016 issue of GQ France Magazine has Tom Selleck on its front page. That’s the picture you must look for if you want to find the interview of Rémi REGUIN, BAAK’s founder, and the first pictures of our Mini. Here is the definition of the backdating trend explained by Rémi to GQ’s journalist : “These latest years, the innovation in the automotive market was mainly based of technology and performance, an not about driving pleasure and style. Purchasing a retro car is about distinction, but you absolutely need one that works well. That’s the whole principle of the backdating, restoring the mechanic part and enhancing the body and the interior of the vehicle”.

Here are some pictures of Guillaume DUCASSE so you can (re)discover this Mini backdating project.

Leather and aluminium cast interior for Mini

Leather interior kit for Mini

Wooden steering wheel Mini

Backdating mini France